Sunday, 1 May 2016

The other day I bought myself a bunch of tulips......sitting at my desk I started doodling with my biro and ended up drawing them.  It wasn't until the  next morning that I looked at my latest bit of weaving and realised that I had woven a tulip shape! This was not planned,,,,,I think I create in a subliminal sort of way - in other words it's all rather sub-conscious and not planned!!  Think I must be a bit strange.  Still, I 'root' myself by going on long, lovely walks.....have a good week x


Monday, 25 April 2016

Im still struggling with my new technical set up.....but I persevere, and hopefully shall soon crack it!  In between stretching my brain power with digital marvels, I continue to spin, dye and weave.  It seems that as far as I make a scarf, I sell one, so, alas I never build up a stock!!  But it does give me a buzz when I sell, and it pushes me on to make more.  I have just started a new jacket.  My plan is to make a loose fitting jacket  - it will be some time before it is finished but here is a picture of the early stages.  In the UK we are also struggling to reach Spring/Summer.  Today has been freezing and apparently in some places there have been blizzards...hey ho!

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Yaay!!.........I've finally managed (with the help of my daughter) to get back into my blogger account.  Honestly, all this technology is pretty brain numbing....but, never mind, I am persevering.  I needed to change my phone because I ran out of storage and couldn't take anymore photos.  Because of all the seems to me that everything else is affected.   Hopefully things will begin to settle here goes....I have just had a fabulous few days in the Lake District.  It is such a beautiful area and of course, lots of sheep and woollen mills.  I was very inspired and even managed to buy myself a gorgeous spinning wheel.  I love it - and it now means I have a spare one which will be really useful for teaching ( I have convinced myself, and the next thing will be that I shall convince myself I must have another weaving loom!)  Anyway, Im now back home and have been enjoying some glorious early summer weather on the beach. Have a good week x

Sunday, 3 April 2016

I am having technical problems with my phone and have been unable to take any photos of my latest textiles.  I am waiting for the new phone to arrive, so hopefully by next week I shall be back in action.  I was able to take these pictures earlier in the week, and thought I would share the springtime with you.......everything is coming to life and is looking so beautiful.....inspiration is everywhere!!  This week I travel up to the Lake District to stay with a very textiley friend....she has an online business -www.  Take a look - her things are fabulous! Meanwhile - enjoy your week x

Sunday, 27 March 2016

I seem to have had this weaving on the loom for ages.....maybe because in my head I am planning and weaving my next jacket! I have done a lot of spinning and really enjoy mixing and creating interesting yarns.  So watch for the next amazing creation....I have finally found suitable pattern which will be my basic will be looser than the coats....and I even plan a collar! It will be too bulky to face the collar with woven fabric, so I am playing around with ideas.  Yesterday I saw some luscious indian cotton that I thought could make a really interesting lining..... Can't wait to get started!  Today is Easter Day.  I hope you have all had a peaceful and joyful day x  

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

I've been away for a few days visiting friends and not too much on the creative front.  Today I did manage to do some carding before heading down to the beach.  I have now discovered that I am unable to take any more photos on my i-phone as storage is full,  It is such a mystery to me because I keep deleting my photos from the phone, but it says photo storage is full.....I think a visit to the Apple store is now imperative.  There is nothing more I can!

Sunday, 13 March 2016

The sun has arrived and we have all been celebrating this weekend.....suddenly there is once again an 'outside room'.....and people are smiling and enjoying the release from winter.  I have made the most off being able to get back to my art hut and the dye pot has been on the go.  This afternoon I wandered down the road to the beach with Jazmine (my faithful cocker spaniel) .... all in all, a pretty good day! Meanwhile, in the background, weaving and spinning continue, as do my plans for running workshops on Creative Fibres in the summer.  These were advertised earlier in the week, and already they are almost fully booked!  Help - I must prepare....Have a good week.