Sunday, 1 May 2016

The other day I bought myself a bunch of tulips......sitting at my desk I started doodling with my biro and ended up drawing them.  It wasn't until the  next morning that I looked at my latest bit of weaving and realised that I had woven a tulip shape! This was not planned,,,,,I think I create in a subliminal sort of way - in other words it's all rather sub-conscious and not planned!!  Think I must be a bit strange.  Still, I 'root' myself by going on long, lovely walks.....have a good week x



  1. Isn't that wonderful, that your drawing should come out in your weaving? I would love to see such a direct correlation in my own work. I love your drawing of the tulips, it's wonderfully loose and the colours of your yarn are all there. Lovely to have a beach so close to home :-)

  2. Your tulips are delicious both the water color & weaving. Now I'm back in the world of blogging, I want to see what you do with late summer flowers ;)