Sunday, 3 April 2016

I am having technical problems with my phone and have been unable to take any photos of my latest textiles.  I am waiting for the new phone to arrive, so hopefully by next week I shall be back in action.  I was able to take these pictures earlier in the week, and thought I would share the springtime with you.......everything is coming to life and is looking so beautiful.....inspiration is everywhere!!  This week I travel up to the Lake District to stay with a very textiley friend....she has an online business -www.  Take a look - her things are fabulous! Meanwhile - enjoy your week x


  1. Looks like a wonderful English Spring from these beautiful photos. How I wish I could grow tulips naturalised under trees and in grass in this part of the world!

  2. Spring gas certainly arrived down south. I haven't spotted any tulips here yet but the daffs have been putting on a show.

    Off to look up The Threshing Barn. Have a lovely break. H xx