Sunday, 28 February 2016

I couldn't let the week pass without noting the 9th birthday of my ginger boys......they have a pretty good life I must say!!  Now, back to weaving......I am still weaving my next cowl (although I think infinity scarf sounds better!)  I don't think the colour in the photos do it justice - the actual colour is a rather sludgy, sea-green mix.  I really like it and shall keep this one for myself!  Now that Spring is very slowly beginning to spring, I am getting my head around dyeing, carding and spinning.  I have given my art hut a bit of a spring clean - all we want now is some sun.....please.......Have a good week x

Thursday, 25 February 2016

It's already Thursday night and I can't believe that I forgot to write my blog last weekend.  Oh dear....I must be losing it!!  But, as they say, better late than never.  I simply can't resist showing you these great photos , taken by my daughter, of my granddaughter modelling the finished coat.  I'm really pleased with the pictures and the weaving.  We decided to go down to the beach for a photoshoot, and managed it just before a very heavy rain storm.  Having now made two coats and a simple jacket, I feel more confident to go ahead and make more garments to sell.  I shall always weave scarves but enjoy the challenge of more complicated things.  I have tonight decided on a different style of loser jacket.  This will take some time because I am getting fairly low on my supplies of spun yarn.  Now the weather is beginning to improve, and the days are getting longer , I shall be back outside in my little art shed to do some more dyeing and spinning.  By the way, together with a good friend who lives in the most beautiful countryside in mid Sussex, and also owns alpacas, I shall  be running some creative fibre workshops.  I shall need to buy a second loom so others can have a go......... 

Sunday, 14 February 2016

I have had a very positive response from people when deciding whether or not to make cowls (that wrap around in a continuous length) rather than simply making scarves.  So, this new one is going to be a cowl....I am making it slightly narrower and shall let you see the result.  The red one (which was a scarf, but now has ends sewn together) is already sold, and has gone on a trip to Germany for the weekend!!.. I must say that wearing my scarf-turned-into-cowl is so comfortable and easy to wear.  Last but not least, the coat is coming on well.  I did have a rather large hiccup and sewed the sleeves on inside out (!) but I have now rectified that, and the coat actually fits better.....every cloud has a silver lining! Hey ho - this week is half term, so probably not too much time for playing .....

Sunday, 7 February 2016

I couldn't resist adding a picture of these swans.  They live in the local park and I have been watching them regularly over the last year.  They are so grown up now....I am wondering if they will soon fly away in search of their own mates.  I shall be sad to see them go!  On a cheery note - I have now started to sew the far, so good.  The sleeves are almost ready to cut out.  I have stretched my brain somewhat because I wanted the design to be vertical rather than horizontal.  I only have a 24" loom so I'm severely limited.   I have a feeling that I may eventually be talking myself into buying a 32" (I think that's as wide as the rigid heddle loom goes).  It would give me an extra 8" though - so I shall see...........Mind you, as people keep on asking me if I do workshops, I suppose I need another loom???!!!

Monday, 1 February 2016

A quick resume of my week......looking back on it, I can see I have been quite productive!!  I am sure that this is partly due to the bad weather, as it means I am happy to stay inside more and be creative.  As you can see, we have had some sun - I always make the most of it!  I finished this red scarf, and wove. the sleeves for the proposed coat.  Today I plucked up the courage and cut out the body!  It was rather nerve racking and it is rather hit and miss.  I have discovered that I haven't really woven quite enough, so the coat will probably be too small for me!!  Never mind - if it's good enough I plan to put it in an exhibition in the summer, and then maybe I shall need to let a small person have it!!! All this keeps me very happy!!