Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Fruit and vegetables are a continual source of inspiration.  This display in Brighton is no exception....also, inside the shop are masses of spices and all sorts of exotic fayre.  The trouble is, I never know what to do with such things.  I am always promising myself to try an amazing recipe - but somehow never get around to it............This morning I am off to my library knitting group to have a go at entrelac knitting. I have tried it before, but this time I intend to crack it !!  By the way, it is Wednesday 1st May - whatever my computer says!!!

Monday, 29 April 2013

I thought Betty needed a few more clothes on - so a tea cosy on her head, a piece of felt on her bodice and of course a bag around her neck .....and hey presto!  .....ready to go.....!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

As promised, some views of my new friend Betty, who is patiently standing around while I play at knitwear design!!  It's all looking a bit strange at the moment....but I have ideas and am determined to end up with a wearable garment.  The back is looking rather lumpy so will need some surgery .... it's a bit like making a jigsaw puzzle.....working out what will fit where.  I bought Betty at our local store and it's really good to have a dummy that I can poke pins into....I think Betty will be a useful tool!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

I got my embellisher out  ...... first time for ages.  How I enjoyed myself - I had forgotten how easy embellishing is, and how relaxing.  My machine was working perfectly and showed no signs of suffering during its long months of being packed away.  I am also in the throes of planning an art-to-wear piece which I shall put on my blog tomorrow.  I have talked about it long enough ... and now seem to be on a creative roll.  Yipee!!

Friday, 26 April 2013

Tulips always energise me ..... I love their shape and colours and of course I love the onset of lighter, warmer days (as we all do!)  Anyway, they certainly kick-started me this week....I've been on a roll and really enjoyed getting back into creative mode...patchwork, spinnng, knitting. felting - I've done a bit of everything and loved it.  I even had my first outside spin in the new garden (can't wait to get my shed!!)

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Based on the image of local beach huts I decided to try my hand at some more patchwork.  It was the first time I had got out my sewing machine since the move.....also as you can see, I actually baked some scones - again the first time this year.  So things are gradually getting back to normal.  I didn't blog yesterday because I was sitting in A & E.  I have had four nose bleeds in the last few days and was advised to get it sorted....however, nothing was sorted because the bleed has come from way behind the visible parts.  Anyway - I am so happy because no nose bleed this morning.   Let's hope it all calms down.....so in the meantime I am keeping calm on the home front this week!  Have a good day x 

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

I got my paints out yesterday and had a great time splashing around.  I plan to buy a large blank sketch book and make a new journal.  As I am working inside the house I have to keep things rather clean, which I must say I find rather a strain!  Roll on the day when my shed is up and running and I can make a glorious mess!!

Monday, 22 April 2013

The astonishing colours of sea creatures were captured in these shots taken at Chessington Theme Park yesterday.  I like the way my dyed yarns relate to the anemones...and as ever, I got terribly excited when I kept on thinking of what I would paint etc. etc.  We had a great day, seeing a good friend with her new baby, and then having fun on the rides.  Mind you, I had to extricate myself from the House of Horrors as there was a swirling tunnel and I felt myself beginning to swirl as well!!!  My son and partner finished the Marathon in 4 hours.  Fantastic....what an achievement...congratulations xx

Sunday, 21 April 2013

During Jack's party I thought I'd get away from it all and do a bit of spinning......but, no, several boys appeared....and were absolutely riveted.  I couldn't believe how quickly they learned.  After trying to teach adults to spin....the contrast
  was staggering!!  They were so interested and loved the colours and yarns - it was quite exhilarating!! Maybe the textile gurus of the future?  Who knows?  They certainly said they wanted to come back for more.  And then....look at the night sky in Jack's bedroom...it's fantastic!  Today my son and his partner run in the London Marathon.  Good luck to you both xx

Friday, 19 April 2013

My usual, calm start to my day.....walking the girls.  It is particularly good now that Spring is upon us.......when I look at the growth in the woods I always think of weaving.........I'm up to the hills again in a few minutes, and the sun is shining brightly .... AT LAST!  Jack's party went with a bang and the remnants of the sleep over contingent are still around.  Kids grow up so quickly I feel I just have to grab each moment with them.  I'm sure time was much slower years ago!!  Enjoy your day x

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Finding old friends.....it's really good to get out all my bits and pieces.  I didn't realise that I had so many crocheted flowers....I must now think what to do with them!  Also I have masses of dyed fleece so perhaps I should discipline myself to do a certain amount of daily spinning and felt making -  the days are just not long enough.  Yesterday a friend from the Guild came round.  It's brilliant because she lives literally 100 yds. up the road.  Her love of textiles and colour sense is so like mine - it's great - and we both have so many thoughts and ideas.  She moved in last summer so we are both 'new girls'!  Today Jack is having his belated birthday party with several boys having a sleep over....should be fun!!  By the way big Jeeves doesn't look too stressed with the outside world does he?

I spent a couple of happy hours ironing some of my dyed fabric and placing it in its new home......now the sun is shining and things are warming up I am thinking about stitching and patching.  I am also looking forward to starting a new on line course which is all about ripped stitch ... so watch this space.  Well - the boys went out yesterday and had a good old prowl before returning to the safety of their  new home.   As my friend said "They're very cute.  Where else would they get such luxury?" !!!


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

As you can see I'm in a blue/green mode, so am painting everything within sight!!  I do like the effect of painted window frames.....I can always paint over them when I feel a new colour coming on.  I am enjoying playing around with the dresser and quite like the multi-coloured look.  Meanwhile my boys wait patiently (the cats) to be let outside .....so I have relented and plan to open the doors later today.  Hope they don't run away.......fingers crossed!  I'm off to a knitting group in our local library today.  It's quite a strange place to meet because obviously there are people there trying to read.  Oh well - it's worth a try but probably I'll start my own group here eventually.  I was in  Bexhill yesterday and my old group are going to come over  for an extended cake eating session + knit day!

More moving in pictures.  As you can see the animals don't look too stressed!  The cats haven't been outside since the end of December as they have been moved from pillar to post.  I'm feeling extremely mean, but their big day is coming on Thursday when I'll let them out.  They'll either go mad or simply stay inside.  They have enjoyed looking out of the window and I have to say they have been very well behaved boys..........Today we hope to get the telephone working so things are looking up!!