Sunday, 31 March 2013

Well, here she new granddaughter, Olivia.  I went up to snowy Derbyshire to meet her - and she is gorgeous (although I admit I'm slightly biased!!)  Once in my arms, I was switched back to the whole maternal bit - rubbing the back, winding, rocking, jiggling etc. etc.  It does seem to come very naturally.  I think my d-in-l was wishing I lived a whole lot nearer ..... and so was I.  It's hard when a distance separates you - particularly from the children.  Still, never mind, I managed to see all three of my offspring plus 4 out of 5 grandchildren this week, so I am happy.  The snow further north was stunning.  I've never seen such depth before, but oh my....the sadness of all the body bags in the fields was absolutely heart-wrenching.  Thousands of sheep have been buried in the snow - unbearable.  Today is Easter Sunday however - and I always feel there is hope of new life and things to come...which reminds me, I am supposed to moving into my new house this week....................HAPPY EASTER!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

I'm fascinated with the way these roots hang and form an amazing pattern....similarly I nearly always prefer the rough side of a weaving.  Maybe I'm just a messy person!!  Mind you, I have to say I have been quite organised in my temporary room during the last four months. It's a lesson for me in that I realise how little you need to own to enjoy life.  Having said that, I can't wait to get all my arty things back....and really get going again.  It will be some time before `I get my shed erected and all the other things we need to do - but at least we'll have a home.............!

Monday, 25 March 2013

This is the dresser that we have bought to go in our new house....I love it - and we are painting lots of other furniture in the same colour.  Heavily in to house decor now!!!  Although I absolutely love colours, when it comes to interiors I prefer the simplicity of creams and whites which  create the illusion of space and brightness.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Just to prove that despite all the comings and goings in my life, I haven't been idle!!  My stash of wool and fibres has served me well over the winter....talking of which, it's freezing!!!  Come on summer - get on with it!  Last night was our choir concert with the orchestra.  It was fantastic.  I am so enjoying the singing experience.....something I always dreamed of.  It was amazing to be a part of such a performance.  Tonight and Tuesday we are singing  Easter music in two local churches.  By the way, I forgot to say that yesterday (still heady with excitement about the new house) we very easily managed to spend over £2,000 on new equipment/furniture etc!!

Friday, 22 March 2013

EUREKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   We've finally exchanged contracts and move on 5th April............can't believe it xx

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Friends reunited!!  Yesterday we were looking in a re-cycled furniture warehouse when we came upon a well-displayed corner....and who should be there but my two old spinning wheels!  I was very happy to meet them again and to see what a good job they are the way we were looking for furniture to put in a house when we get one!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

We're all getting used to the idea of being homeless....but do you know what, it has made me realise the value of my friends and family.  I can't describe the richness of these relationships, and whatever happens in the future, I shall never forget such kindness.  Today we still await news of our house - but I haven't been idle in the last few days.  We are practising madly for this coming week's performances, the main one being on Saturday night in the Assembly Rooms together with the orchestra.  We worked very hard last night, singing non stop for three hours - but it will be worth it.  Have a good day x

Sunday, 17 March 2013

I've decided to write tomorrow's blog today (!! )because  I shall be in a rush in the morning taking cats to the cattery, delivering Jack to school and generally helping out with moving Emma from the flat.  It would be so good to have exchanged contracts on our purchase, but we still wait and the meantime I thought I'd show you a photo I took a couple of weeks ago of the John Piper tapestry which hangs in Chichester Cathedral.  I love to do tapestry weaving......but have never  tackled a large one.  I believe the Cathedral tapestry took years to complete!  I don't have that sort of patience  Anyway, I have added some pictures that also contain vibrant reds and oranges. Enjoy x

The wool shop I referred to in my last blog was a big let down!  You can see here what greeted me....the owner said that people just weren't spending money these days, and they just couldn't afford to keep going.  It's so sad that our local shops, with personal contact, are disappearing.  I know wool can be bought on line, but in my opinion nothing is as good as being able to see and feel the yarns, and generally imbibe the atmosphere of a creative space.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Yesterday the sun was great!  Today  - grey and raining, so what could be better than a nice cup of tea??  This tea cosy has long gone, so I hope it is being cherished!!  I do enjoy making them, which has given me an idea!!  I think I'll make another one.  Today I am off to explore a new (to me) wool shop, so maybe I'll come back brimming with ideas....

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Piles of boxes and fabrics always look enticing whereas one piece of fabric or one box somehow lose the impact.....of course at the moment I'm used to piles of stuff surrounding me.  We started looking at other houses yesterday because we still have no further word on our purchase.  At least there are some alternatives out there but nothing we like as much...keep smiling xx

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

I thought I'd give you some cheerful  pictures this morning.  Both photographs were taken last week on a very dark, exceedingly wet day and yet.....they remind me that if we keep our eyes and minds open there are always wonderful things to look at.  Good for me at the moment - to remember to feed on my creative spirit - and not to let actions of other people flatten me.  The sun is shining this morning and the snow looks onwards and upwards....(again!)

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

This is what greeted me this morning....loads of snow.  It looks so pretty but it does cause so much chaos in this country!! Traffic at a standstill and the usual spate of accidents.  Never mind...Spring is surely on its way.  I haven't blogged for the last couple of days because stress levels have been running at full speed.  Basically I was being blackmailed over the weekend by my purchaser who was going to knock off large sums of money daily unless we to cut a very long story short we exchanged on the sale yesterday without the security of a house to move into.  So ... now Emma and Jack are also about to be made homeless.  We are still hopeful that our vendors mortgage offer will come through soon...but are now looking at alternatives.  We simply can't afford to wait around for ever.  What a nightmare it's all been.  NEVER again!!!!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

How I love the Fluf- a -torium in Dorking.  It feels like heaven walking around the shop and imbibing the atmosphere and colour.  I treated myself to some more fibres for felting and spinning, and also a new book on felting.  It has given me inspiration head is now a-buzzing with ideas.  I'm off to meet a friend in Brighton today.  I love a good old chat over coffee and (you've guessed it!) cake.   Yesterday I thought we were ready to exchange on properties only to discover that the vendors' mortgage has not come through.  I had to tell my solicitors as they didn't know.  In fact I now have two letters from my soliticors saying all parties are ready to exchange and complete!!  Maybe I know their job better than they do?????

I got slightly carried away yesterday when I  brought out some fleece for spinning......I have found that spinning is good for stress - as you can imagine I need to be spinning constantly at the moment!!  I always vowed I would never get stressed out with moving house (I have in fact done it so many times before I have lost count) - but this time the frustration has been no communication, and  then .when there is communication there have been more and more queries by our purchaser's solicitor.  So.......another day of hoping and wondering.....although I shan't be sitting around as I have promised myself a trip to Fluffatorium! Have a good day x

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

This is my new shed....small but perfectly formed.  Actually, it isn't pretty but it will be so practical.....particularly because of the light.  The large amount of glass window means that I shan't need electric lights....and the work surface is such a good size, with plenty of storage underneath for bowls and buckets.  The shed is only 6ft x 6ft but this will be fine for my messy work, dyeing, painting etc.  The cleaner stuff - i.e. sewing, spinning. felting etc. will be done inside the house (when we get it!!)  Still news, so I have been busy doing other things.  I'm off to line dancing this morning.  Last night we had an amazing choir practice and next week we sing with the orchestra for the first time.  Baby Olivia is still in hospital with jaundice but is gradually improving...

Monday, 4 March 2013

I enjoyed an early Mother's Day lunch on the bank of the River Thames, which was great....and of joys....the sun peeped out!  I rushed outside to take a photograph!  And then again in the early evening the sun shone over the Oxfordshire countryside.  The light was fantastic - so again another photograph to capture the moment.  Yesterday's blog must have worked because the sun is shining again this morning. I really understand the phrase "my spirit soars..." because that's what mine does when the sun shines.   Hopefully my spirit will soar once again this week if we can possibly manage to exchange contracts.  It's all become a bit of a fantasy other  words I shall believe it when it actually happens!! (needless to say I am talking about the house move).  I must try and   She has a bit of jaundice but mother and baby progressing well!  

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Wow!  What a day yesterday.......I have just woken from the most marvellous sleep - and boy, did I need it!!  Jack enjoyed his birthday and is looking forward to building his latest seemed rather appropriate therefore to add these pictures of a builder's yard in Hastings...isn't the old wood beautiful?  Thinks......maybe it would be quicker to build myself a house!!!  It's actually been good to have something else to think about...and today I'm off to Oxford to see family....I'm going to let mother and baby have time to recover from a rather traumatic birth before heading further am happily having time with another granddaughter today.  Hopefully some creative thoughts will start pouring into my head...but yet another grey day isn't desperately inspiring.  How we all need the sun......come on your stuff!  For all those of you who live in exotic places like Italy (!)...count your blessings.... x

Saturday, 2 March 2013

SHE'S ARRIVED111  A baby girl born 2 hours ago....on Jack's 10th birthday!  What a lovely birthday present for him.....and what are the odds on that?  My two youngest  grandchildren sharing a birthday....that will be one less date to remember!!! She (nameless at the moment) is 8 lb 3 oz so a good size.....parents are exhausted, so more news later.  I shall get my camera ready to start clicking.....I'm sooooooo excited.  Can't wait to cuddle her.  Today I shall concentrate on the big birthday boy.......and then concentrate on the little girl! Have a good day.......