Sunday, 26 July 2015

The sun seems to have disappeared today .... the rain is lashing, this is a good opportunity to stay inside and write this blog.  I hope to start cutting out the weaving for the coat today!  It's a bit nerve racking, but hopefully it will work.  I'll let you know and show you what results!!   As you can see from the photos, I had a small person 'helping' me to spin the other day.  In the end I gave up and went off to my local Guild yesterday to spin in peace.  For anyone reading this who doesn't follow me on Facebook, I have great news!!!  (well, not really great, but a new experience for me).  Thanks to Jack, my computer whizz grandson, I am now on You Tube - and more videos are planned.  Simply go to You Tube and search for fibrefrenzi....and I should pop up!  Have a good week x

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Here's a selection of this weeks photos which will hopefully convey the vibrancy of our summer.   The Coat came off the loom, as you can see.  I have measured up and have estimated how much more I need to weave for the sleeves.  Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, some of the best pictures haven't transferred themselves to my computer, so I am unable to put them on this blog.  But these should give you some idea of progress.  It has been a good week and I have been out and about (just come in from good pizza meal) and I have continued to be obsessed by spinning, dyeing and weaving. The days are just whizzing by.  Indeed the years are whizzing by.  Today my grandson has left junior school and goes into year 8 at secondary school in September.  It only seems 5 minutes since he was in nursery!!..Hey ho....that's why I value each day and use it to the full.  Hope you all have a good and peaceful week x By the way, the lady in bottom pic is a good friend of mine.  We had tea and cake this afternoon!!!

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Here's a selection of photos taken during the past week.  As you can see, I continue my love affair with fibres and colour.  The Coat weaving is coming along. I try to pace myself otherwise I would finish it too quickly and I want to savour the process!!.. I have managed to do lots of dyeing and tomorrow I have a friend coming over who wants to learn to we should have a good day.  The summer is going quickly and next week we start the school holidays - so everything changes.  Different young people coming and going over the next few weeks.  Talking about going, it's only about 6 weeks till we go daughter is taking me, and two of the grandchildren on a Caribbean cruise!!  We've been talking about it for so long (my grandaughter has been sending updates re. months/weeks/days/hours/minutes/seconds for the past year!!)  So....I must get my act together and think what creative things I can take with me!

Monday, 6 July 2015

I think perhaps I should write my weekly blog on Mondays and not Sundays.....!! In other words, I forgot again yesterday....probably next week it will be moved on to Tuesday!!  Anyway, back to the blog:  I have had a really productive week.  It's certainly the knock on effect of the summer weather.  I always feel energised by the sun and of course I am making the most of being outside and dyeing - both fabric and fibre.  My spinning wheel has been going pretty constantly.  I have discovered that I can almost lie in the garden with eyes shut, and gently pedal away ... and hey presto!  Another ball of yarn! I am really pleased I am building up my stash for the winter...... must be turning into a squirrel!  I have also warped up the loom and am now on a roll weaving the second length towards The Coat.  I think I shall probably line it, so I have started to paint some silk that I found in my cupboard.  I think this should finish it off well but at this stage I've absolutely no idea whether or not I shall be able to make it!   I keep being asked if I could do some weaving workshops (I've only been doing it myself for 5 months!!!)  The trouble is, that to teach weaving it would be necessary to have another loom .....I'm thinking......This afternoon two wonderful weaving hours in the garden .......  I have finally found my true passion