Sunday, 24 January 2016

I belong to a local stitching group - so the other day I decided to actually do some stitching......on my weaving! I quite like the idea, so shall continue to play........this week I have spun, stitched, woven, walked as well as a considerable number of things and, although I am always itching to get back to my loom, I know I function better to have variety in life.  It certainly stops me ever getting bored!  Over the last few weeks we have been doing quite a lot to my little house.  I can't believe we've been here almost three years.  The final bit was finished last week - the bathroom.  It is really good and feels quite luxurious.  The trouble is, there is nothing more to, maybe we'll have to start again!!!

Monday, 18 January 2016

We've actually had some sunshine this week - so I have made the most of it.  I wrapped up well and did a batch of dyeing as I need more yarn for the sleeves of my coat!  The finished garment will probably look a bit strange because of all the different colour ways ..... oh well!  Its only going to be me wearing it -, thinking about it , if I was really unhappy I could always dye the whole piece after completion (only just thought of that!!)......As usual, I spend as much time as possible on the beach - often stopping for a coffee.  I just love to watch the sea and this afternoon went to the end of the (very cold) pier and just looked and dreamed.........

As you can see, I have now started another scarf as I get very itchy fingers if there's nothing on the loom!  Meanwhile spinning and dyeing is going on in the background.  Have a good week everyone x

Monday, 11 January 2016

At the risk of repeating myself, here are some more photos of 'The Coat" that is now two thirds woven.  I have almost run out of warp, so before I weave the sleeves I need to do some more dyeing......unfortunately it rarely stops raining at the moment which makes dyeing difficult!  The sun did shine one day last week - so here is a picture to prove it!  Have a good week x

Friday, 8 January 2016

I have changed my computer and it has taken me some time to sort everything out - including photos!  Anyhow, I think I am now up and running.......I've probably put some of these pictures on before - but I am just practising!!   I have snatched moments during the holiday period to weave and am planning this piece to go towards the next coat!  It really does feel like mid winter now - which means I don't get outside to so any dyeing.  Never mind - Spring isn't far away.......