Sunday, 27 September 2015

It's been a beautiful autumn week and once again I find myself subconsciously weaving colours that are around me!  The sun has been shining all weekend so my spirits are high.  Mind you, it could be something to do with the fact that we held a coffee and cake morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer daughter baked most of the cakes and we raised £164...a good effort and a very happy social occasion.  One of my friends seemed to fall in love with my weaving - so to cut a long story short - she bought three scarves!!  So much for my stock-building.  I really didn't mean to sell until January - but hey ho, a happy friend, and a big challenge for me to re-build stock.  A scarf has just come off the loom today - and I must warp up again in a day or so......You can see my three scarves, all packed and ready to go.  It felt like saying goodbye to good friends!  Am I going mad or what?

Monday, 21 September 2015

Autumn has arrived.....we haven't yet put the heating on, but it is definitely feeling chilly.  Never mind, time to get wrapped up in woven scarves!!  I have been quite productive this week, and am building up my stock.  I even had a session on art journalling over the weekend.  I have incorporated a lot of weave in the book, and thought I would put it next to weavings in a forthcoming exhibition in Chichester.  I'm not really ready to sell yet, but have (metaphorically) had my arm twisted and agreed to put some things on display.  The weeks are whizzing by, and our Caribbean cruise now seems a distant memory - but it WAS good and has given lots of good memories.......We went with the dogs to a small local dog show yesterday.  Jasmine was 4th in the "prettiest bitch" class (my daughter thought the judge needed specs!!) and Madge came 4th in the senior class.  A bit of fun....and money went towards an animal charity.  

Sunday, 13 September 2015

My latest weaving is off the loom, washed and hanging out to dry.  I had big problems with the warp and it got all had to improvise.  Hopefully it will be ok when pressed....I guess it's all good experience! its been a good week...Jack has started at his new school and seems energised and enjoying being treated in a more adult way.  Ive also been busy dog walking and generally helping out with the dog business.   At this time of year I always plan and try to organise the coming year (years of teaching I suppose!!).  This year I shall be doing an art history course, continue with my book club, continue with two Guilds and a monthly 'making session".  I am also running some workshops for Cruse Bereavement Care....the list goes on.  I'm not manic, just enjoy life!!  Ooh....I almost forgot, I plan to re-open my Etsy shop in January so am building up stock for that.  Have a good week!!

Sunday, 6 September 2015

I'm now settling back to the U.K.   I was in London on Tuesday .... how I love it!  For some reason I have been in a green mood lately.....have even started a new slightly greenish weaving!   Although the Caribbean was amazing, good old England is also pretty good!  I know that I am so lucky to live by the sea, and this afternoon took the last two photos to show you what is on my doorstep!! I have been quite manic during the week, clearing out lots of clutter.  I find that this also helps to de-clutter my mind - so hopefully amazing creations will eventually emerge.......