Monday, 29 June 2015

This afternoon I suddenly realised that I forgot to write my blog yesterday....I am trying to discipline myself to write it every Sunday.  A day late...sorry...but here goes.  I have had a full on week in all sorts of ways, but creatively I am on a roll.  I think this wonderful weather helps.  I finished my first length of coat weaving.  It is now washed and dried....I have yet to warp up the loom to start the next piece.  The weather has been too good for me to go inside and warp...I have been outside spinning and dyeing.  My wool stash is growing....more pics next time.  Yesterday we went to our local 6th form college to see their art display....the textile work was superb.  Also, a local artist, Mitzi Brown paints these amazing figurative paintings.  I just love her colours....all very inspiring!  This morning we cleared out our shed (have been going to do this since Christmas!!).  I feel so liberated now...and have found some amazing fleeces which I didn't realise I had.  So there should be plenty of raw materials to keep me going throughout the winter.....And of course, every day dog walking has been an absolute pleasure!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

 I've had a very busy and enjoyable week....and have only just realised that another week has gone and it's time for another blog!  As you can see, I have started weaving The Coat.  Gosh - it's good to be back at the loom after a few days without any warp on...I'm also really enjoying the spinning as it's very relaxing and good for sitting in the garden!!  Yesterday a few of us from our local Guild demonstrated spinning in a local traditional craft day.  It's always interesting to note peoples remarks and comments.  Old and young always seem interested.....a great day to spend a day, and more yarn ready for the loom!  I also ran a creative design workshop  on Thursday which was fun.  When I got home I splashed around and sprayed on to some calico - and hey presto - I have now made an apron and cushion cover....more to follow....So, as ever, life continues at a pace and is never dull.  Summer is whizzing away too quickly.  Today is mid-summer day - but it feels as though summer has hardly started.  We could certainly do with some more hot sun!!  Have a good week x

Sunday, 14 June 2015

I got the paints out.....and am experimenting before I lead a workshop next Thursday.  Tomorrow I shall get my plans finalised for this. I am hoping to free people up......a lot of stitchers (of course not all!) put so much effort into "getting it right" that they can easily lose spontaneity and creativity.  I have never been technically brilliant but I am happy to go for it and experiment.  At the end of the day, if something doesn't work well - it's only fabric!! I really do think that often the best results come from a happy accident!  During the week I have been enjoying the outdoor life, particularly gardens.  I met an old friend for coffee on Friday....she tried on The Jacket and has put in a definite order!!! (Hopefully before 2016!)  Meanwhile I have started on The Coat....I shall be interested to see how the colours work.  I am trying to push the boundaries and use a different palette, but knowing me, it will probably end up with my favourite hues!!

Sunday, 7 June 2015

I can't believe a week has gone by since I last wrote my time flies.  I'm sure it must be a sign of getting older!!  This has been a good week, and as usual there has been a mix of dogs, family, counselling work and creative pursuits.  I finished weaving my scarf (shown here).  I used some of the yarn left over from the jacket - which I may say I have worn a lot already.  I have also been busy preparing yarn for my next big project....a coat...So, I hope to warp up this week.  My fingers are itching to get weaving again.  I feel a bit lost when there's nothing on my loom.  Another thing - in about 10 days time I am running a workshop which I have called "Art Attack" .  I am now having to work out what to do....but one thing's for sure, I need to get painting again.  Now the weather is good I can get outside not only to paint, but also to dye...I have piles of fleece awaiting the spinning wheel!!  So life goes on....lovely to be enjoying the sunshine by the sea!  Long may it last.  Have a good week x