Monday, 30 April 2012

SINGING THE BLUES            I couldn't resist taking a picture of my nearly finished bag amongst the bluebells....I have always loved bluebells...the colour is fantastic and they completely transform the woods where they grow.  I always remember walking into a bluebell wood near Urchfont Manor in Wiltshire years ago.  The scent and colour blew my mind - I felt that it was a little bit of heaven. At the time I was taking part in a City & Guilds embroidery course, so we had to paint the bluebells....something triggered in me at that point - and I have never been the same since!!  Also - how about the gorgeous rock - found on the earth's crust in Arizona (in Natural History museum) - who said that 'natural' colours have to be subdued??

Sunday, 29 April 2012

As you can see, I didn't waste my train journeys...I have finally cracked how to make granny is so easy to crochet on public transport because it takes so little space.   So - one day I shall have an amazing throw!!  I am showing you some more images of Paris.  I love all the little shops - some of which are works of art in themselves.  By the way, the jars are full of beads at La Droguerie.  I have never seen anything quite like that shop anywhere else.  Back to earth today - but - hey - guess what??? The sun is shining...  I must get out on the beach before it disappears!

Well, I'm back!  The reason I went to Paris:  some time ago my daughter- in- law and I thought we'd like a couple of nights in Paris - so we organised it.  Then about 6 weeks ago she was given a date for major surgery for last Wednesday,(the week we should have been going away), so we cancelled our plans.  Mid morning on Wednesday - I receive a phone call from Nicky who said that the hospital had 'forgotten' to put her name on the surgeon's list!! The surgeon and Nicky were mortified - and the op will now take place this week.  In the meantime, somewhere deep in my filing system lay two non-flexible Eurostar tickets for the next day. So I said....."come on, let's go - so we did!! We had a great time and laughed until we cried. In my panic to find a bed, I rang the wrong was the hotel from hell!!  NEVER go to the Richmond or New hotels near Gare du Nord!!!.A catalogue of bad things - so bad they were hilarious - that is until I got out of a very squishy, smokey bed next morning and my back went!!  I won't bore you with all the details, but some were: we were shoved into a neighbouring hotel, workmen everywhere, shower and bath plug didn't work, only one sheet and blanket on bed so I was cold....and two phone calls at 4.0 am (presumably an early call for someone who must have missed their flight!!)  It was so funny for us - because we had already been awake half the night - had just gone to sleep when the phone rang...I was in a deep sleep and I heard Nicky say, in an extremely calm voice, "go away...".  When I asked (in my stupor) who it was, she replied "a french woman".  I could not work out why a french woman would be ringing us in the middle of the night, and then it dawned on me that we were in France!!  Needless to say, first thing next morning I hobbled across the road to the Hotel I thought I had rung (where we have been several times before) and pleaded for a room.  Luckily for us, they had the next night was spent in complete luxury - and I got £20 knocked off the hovel bill.  Mind you - it did give us a lot of back is mending...and we had a great time.  My first port of call in Paris is always La Droguerie  a wonderful haberdashery shop...I love the french shops and show a few images here.  More tomorrow.....and thank you everyone for your lovely comments x

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Because the weather's so disgusting today, my original plans have been cancelled - so I have decided to immerse myself in colour and creativity and have a really good textiley day!  I shall go to the swimming pool first and pretend I'm in the Bahamas - and then go to our local wool shop and knit...then shall play with felt.  I am very happy we are getting some rain - but I wish it would do it at night!!  My poor little Jazmine has just been sick again - so she's going to have a very quiet day - and maybe I shall need to take her to the vets if she doesn't perk up.By the way - it's Wednesday...don't know why my computer always insists I am a day behind.........!!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Everything's feeling a bit sombre this morning.  As you can see, the dyeing and felting went very wrong and the results are complete dog's sick and feeling sorry for herself...and it's SOOOOOO cold (for the end of April) and gloomy.  Oh well - I have a lot to be thankful for, so I must  perks myself up and keep hoping for the sun (no chance this week apparently!!!) Today our knitting group meets  here - so a really good thing to look forward to.  

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Had a great day yesterday enjoying sunshine and sparkling and dogs everywhere.  Our dogs had a massive hooley (charging around like mad things)'s absolutely brilliant to watch them.  They are simply thrilled to be alive!!! A friend of mine kindly gave me a lesson  about adding images to my gallery on my website - so later on today (after swimming, walking and a good curry!) I'll have a go.  Then Emma and I spent a couple of hours trying to get my new I-pod sorted out.  Think all is now I'm ready to go....By the way - do you like the picture of Bill's in Brighton?  Another brilliant cafe.  In fact I would go as far as to say that until you've been to Bill's you haven't lived!! I'm getting into a felting mood, and realise that I haven't used my embellisher for a watch this space...

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Just a quickie this morning.....I love the corner of the yard outside the Buttercup cafe...couldn't resist taking pics!   Have a good day x

Friday, 20 April 2012

Several weeks ago I made lots of files and may remember looking at them.  Well, I have started adding to them - and in fact I am finding the whole folder (parts of which are shown here) very useful.  The outside cover is made of painted canvas...the insides are normal filing folders.  I am enjoying bringing them to life!  Today I'm off to the Guild in Lewes and then - back to my favourite Buttercup Cafe, to meet a dear friend, and to have some tea and cakes!!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

All in a shop window!
I had a brilliant day in Brighton yesterday, and amongst other things I discovered a new (to me) Indian restaurant which has loads of awards.  My husband is extremely excited about this...and we plan to sample the menu next week!  Everywhere you walk in Brighton there seems to be some quirky, interesting thing to look at.  By taking photographs it underlines to me why I always feel energised when I have been there.  I didn't like to photograph people, but I went in to one very colourful shop...and the shop assistant's hair was as good as the things on sale (or even better!!)  It was literally all the colours of the rainbow...oh to be young!  Anyway I took my poorly I-pod in to the Apple Store and they offered a swap (for a brand new one) at less than half price of buying a new one outright.  I thought it was a reasonable deal, so I am now the proud owner of a brand new I-pod - and I shall make absolutely sure that nothing presses on it.  I still don't know how the other one was damaged...something must have pressed on it when it was in my bag.  Oh well...not the end of the the way, what do you think of all the sewing machines in the last picture?  There are literally hundreds of them in the window...amazing....

Here are some of my completed items.  I feel really pleased with myself for having now completed my backlog of "things to finish off".  Somehow it's always easier to start something new.......I also managed to sort out and alter my french linen nightshirt (do you remember.....the one with the purple dye???)  Anyway it is very much altered because it shrunk in the wash, so I simply cut it open at appropriate places...and hey looks quite good, so I shall be wearing it today as I go off on my Brighton buzz!  I am also pleased that I already have two bookings to speak/demonstrate at textile groups in 2013.....frightening how time flies!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Since I went to the weaving exhibition I have been motivated to do some weaving.  Every time I sit at a loom  I feel myself unwind and kind of move into another place.  It's the same with spinning - so maybe I should timetable these two activities into my daily routine!!  I am just meandering through the warp, but think I'll end up by turning the tapestry on its side and calling it "The Balloon Race"!!

Monday, 16 April 2012

This is my "Shop at Home"!!  Nothing different really, except in my mind!  I remind myself of when I was a little girl and I used to play 'shops'.  I've always loved the idea...but never wanted to commit my self either timewise or financially to a shop.  So I am happy playing....I am on target and back on a roll.  I am finishing things off  so should have a lot to show you in future blogs.  Today I am back to the knitting group (yippee). I have missed it during the holidays - so a lot to catch on, knitting and nattering!!