Friday, 29 November 2013

Had an enjoyable sketchbook session yesterday.  Once I get going I find it such a stress buster………….I did need lots more time though - but I will push on.  Today is the final day of a three month training course.  Although the content of the work is rather gruelling, I have met some great people - and guess what?  I'm driving there in my new car……..!!

I'm planning to order some more greetings cards……I think these are the images I shall use, although I haven't quite decided.   I may have a completely different set tomorrow!!  I am really trying to be organised for the coming year (I'm always hoping….) and am already thinking Spring and Summer (delicious thought!). Maybe I'll do a bit more silk painting than I have done recently.  I used to dye silk velvet scarves which always sold very well, but the price of the fabric is astronomical!  So I am still wondering whether or not I should do some more….

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Pages workshop : special blog

This is an extra blog to show some of my journal work to advertise workshops that I am doing next summer.  I thought it would be easier to put the pics on a blog than add them all to an e-mail!!

Although I haven't got around to painting my art shed yet, i am putting it to good use.  It's so light and bright and yesterday I could almost believe it was Spring.  Birds were singing and the sun was streaming in….absolutely fabulous!!  By the way I was painting silk scarves…..

Monday, 25 November 2013

We are surrounded by colour combinations in daily life…..and one of the things I really enjoy is to somehow connect them up with my textiles.  I took the photo of beach paraphernalia (is that how you spell it??) the other day… tea cosy echoes it, which reminds me, I must make some more!!  I got my car yesterday - I LOVE it……have a good day x

More fleece ready to spin or felt…..this blue sings to me - such a rich colour.  Today I'm off to Brighton with a friend who is buying an I-pad…then home to get my car…yippee!!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

There seem to be a lot of bikes in this part of the world ….. and not just for riding!!  I enjoyed biking in the summer - but tomorrow I get my little car - so shall I still use the bike??  We shall see!

Friday, 22 November 2013

My boy Jeeves checking out the logs … all stacked up ready for the winter.  The spun wool is in the process of being made up into another whacky bag.  Will I ever stop??  I don't think so!  Have a good weekend x

Gorgeous dyed curly fleece….there's always an element of disappointment when this is used in some way .  I think it looks so good like this - maybe I should just have baskets of fleece around the house…….I'm very excited today because I've made the decision to buy myself a little car.  I sold my last one in the summer, and although in many ways I am ok without one - I do miss the independence and freedom of being mobile.  So …… almost on the spur of the moment, yesterday we went around the corner to the garage and there sat a 3yr old little run-around.  exactly what I need - nothing fancy.  It is such a good deal and I get 2 years warranty, 2 years free RAC, free tax, free mot and 2 years free servicing.  A no-brainer really - so freedom - here I come….!! 

Thursday, 21 November 2013

I'm not sure why but this combination of felted knit and weave always reminds me of the beach and sea…this morning the wind is roaring outside - so I'm thinking maybe not a good idea to dog walk by the sea - might get blown over!!  I'll just look at photos instead…..

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A mountain of knit…..I enjoy seeing things pile up….now that winter is approaching it is quite a delicious thought to think of sitting by the fire knitting……..I always think that wool comes into its own in the dark, cold days.  I now have to stretch my mind and find good things to make and sell during the summer months!!

Home again after a very happy christening!  On the way back we spent time in Oxford - one of my favourite cities…..and I went down memory lane and saw the house where two of my offspring were born (not in the old Elizabethan building pictured here!!).  Finally I can't resist showing you the star of the weekend!

Friday, 15 November 2013

I spent a couple of happy hours yesterday splashing around with paint in my art-shed.  I usually end up with more paint on myself than on the paper….but never mind….I enjoyed myself!  I probably won't be blogging for the next few days because we're off to baby Olivia's christening…let's hope the predicted snow doesn't arrive yet, because we're going to the highest town in the UK.  (must pack some thermals…)