Thursday, 28 February 2013

Still no baby and no more patience is required.  Baby has decided to take a bit of a rest so we shall see what today for the house - well - now the end of March is being thrown into the pot.  I must say the delay has been totally unnecessary and of course everyone in the chain is getting very edgy and fragile.  In the meantime I must  amuse myself by looking at old photos and dreaming of what I can create in the future!  Happy March everyone!

I love it when photos of my work seem to link up with seemingly unrelated pictures.  In these shots even the metal grid at the top connects......the weaving by the tree pic. was taken in Italy last summer, whereas the underwater scene was taken this week at Sealife in Brighton.  I'm sure I could get an interesting design from all of this......?   Well - still no house but at least I bought my little art shed.  So excited about that.......I have up to 6 months before I need to collect it - so hopefully by then something will have shifted!!  Talking about shifting, my daughter-in-law is at this very moment trying to shift my latest grandchild into the world.  So we are waiting with bait breath........

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

I have to say that the decor in this little Brighton cafe is more amazing than the food........!!  Our chocolate cake was swamped in raspberry coulis and was really disappointing.  Oh well, we tried and enjoyed the scenery!!  I am still trying to buy a house, but more complications with the lease etc. etc. and no sign of moving date.  This morning I am going (yet again) to park myself in the solicitors' office at 8.30 am to try get action.  I am beginning to think I may end up putting in a formal complaint re. time wasting and shoddy work.  Good news is ... I found a brilliant little shed yesterday which would make a fab garden studio.  It is in the sale for 2 more days, and then more or less doubles in price.  I have decided to go ahead and buy it.  So I shall have a shed, a tv and a chair!  Who cares about a house???

We spent some time at Sealife yesterday to while away the last few hours of half term.......I am always fascinated by scenes of underwater and am always surprised by the variety of extraordinary sea creatures.  Some of them really do look like aliens!  I should like to say I did the artwork after my visit - but I actually did it last summer - but think it somehow connects with the water. I am still in limbo....awaiting you know what.  I shall ring solicitors again today.  My solicitors say they are ready (and have been for some time) so we are awaiting other solicitors down the will happen eventually - and also, hopefully the sun will shine again one day!!

Monday, 25 February 2013

More happy splashings and paintings from last summer.  I do enjoy painting labels and always think an attached label really enhances a gift.  It's been sooo cold recently that I have kind of hibernated and keep on knitting - very comforting!!  Well - today I shall once again start bombarding the solicitors in order to try and get a date for  the move.  Talking about dates - I have a new granddaughter due this week (due on Jack's birthday!) ... so it's all go.  To keep ourselves happy, Emma and I are off to Ikea today - to dream!!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

We had a pretty good child-friendly day in London yesterday.  As you can imagine it was buzzing as ever.  I thought these Lego models were pretty amazing....not really my taste - but very clever nevertheless.  We had a hilarious time in Covent Garden (where we used to live) watching the street artists.....all good, free entertainment!  The day was cut slightly short because of the freezing temperatures - but it was all very enjoyable - and made a change from trying to negotiate a house move!!  Have a good day....

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Another finished bag and more gorgeous flowers......I have started my new project (a long knitted coat) but do you know what??  I think it will probably end up as lots of bags etc.  I somehow loose heart when I know I have a huge project on hand....I suppose I get bored with doing the same thing and long to try something different.  I was looking at a blog yesterday and looking at the most gorgeous felting.  When I have the space etc. etc. (we won't go there again!!) I am looking forward to doing some more larger pieces of felt.  I was so pleased the other day when in the art store, I found a small beach type mat which is perfect for felting....all I want to do now is to use it!  Have a good day...I'm off to London -probably to visit Hamleys!!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Guess how I cheered myself up yesterday?  Got it in one ..... flowers and the most gorgeous cake and coffee!!  I also took myself off to Seawhites - a wholesaler of art supplies, and  bought necessary equipment for my new on line course.  I'm always pleasantly surprised at how much I get for my money there.  Amongst other things I bought a sheet of interestingly  (if there's such a word) pliable plastic in order to do some mono printing.  I've always used glass before, but think it's somewhat dangerous.  I'll let you know what I come up with.  I really want to get something called Gelliplate which is a very thick, jelly like substance.  The effects that can be got with that are stunning....I must keep hunting.  Meanwhile on the house front - I was told last night that we should be able to exchange sometime next week and move the following week....we shall see........

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

I was so frustrated yesterday I decided to pummel away my anger on some poor old fibre .... hence a piece of felt!!!  To cut a very long story short, it would seem that there is a huge communication problem between two lots of solicitors.  I think they don't like each other, and refuse to make contact!  The result of all this is that much time has been wasted and we are now no longer moving next week.  Not sure when it will be because the latest problem is that there needs to be agreement as to where the refuse bins are kept in the garden of the flat we are selling.  There has never ever been any problem whatsoever between the two flats - but clearly the solicitor is about to make one!!!  Having got my head around the situation I have decided to take myself off for the morning to try and forget about houses........
One of the things I love best is going out for morning coffee and cake ....  there are so many brilliant cafes here in Sussex, and this one in Rye is no exception.  The building itself is an old apocethary and oozes history and character.  I'm sure the ambience makes the cakes taste better!!  Not sure if I'll get any cake today.  I'll probably be found sitting in the solicitors office!  Still no definite date.......I spent hours yesterday going back and forth signing bits of paper and answering queries that I should have been asked three months ago.  As you may gather, solicitors aren't my favourite people right now.  I really should like to know whether or not I'm moving next week.  Maybe more news tomorrow....who knows?? Keep hoping......................................

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

I love the beach....and beach huts in particular.  I think they conjure up memories of childhood for me.  My aunt had a beach hut in Bournemouth and I remember being thrilled with the fact that you could cook inside the was rather like glorified camping!  Anyway, enough of that. I took these photos on Sunday ..... my brother has recently bought a hut in Brighton, so I am planning some summer beach sessions!  Looking out to see always makes me think of France on the other side of the water.  This morning I have just an e mail in French!!  I have recently started an online creative course and noticed there was a participant from Annecy - a lovely part of France that I visited when I was at school.  Well - last night, in my best schoolgirl french, I wrote to her.  She cannot speak English - so I can see we are going to have some fun communicating!  What a brilliant to get to know people!!  Latest news.....H O P E F U L L Y my determination with solicitors etc. yesterday has paid off.  Not sure yet - but fingers crossed (they are getting permanently crossed these days) I shall receive posotive news today.  Watch this space........

Sunday, 17 February 2013

We grabbed the sunshine yesterday and in fact I spent most of the day outside enjoying it.  Later in the afternoon a cold breeze whipped around the coast .... as you can see from my energetic family!! Everything seemed brighter and buzzing. I should think half of Sussex came outside to enjoy the promise of Spring.  Today I am going to try and push for a completion date on the house.  It's all very touch and go at the moment with the threat of both ends of the chain collapsing.... I am in fighting mode and shall roll my sleeves up.  If I can't get hold of a solicitor I shall go and park myself in the office and refuse to budge 'til I get some satisfaction!! Have a good day!

The chap on the radio has just said...."I do believe there are signs of Spring today!" .....only to be told that it's going to get very cold again later in the week!!  But, hey, let's enjoy today!  Certainly the sun is shining and the birds are chirruping....all this makes me want to get the paints out and start splashing.....I have just started a short workshop on line which involves strips of painted/dyed fabrics.  I can't wait to get started...but before that I need a house to live in - and to unpack my boxes in order to find everything!!!  Keep hoping........

Friday, 15 February 2013

Ideas for design are everywhere if we look.....on a recent beach walk I took these pictures and just loved the shapes and pattern.  I store these things in my head and on the computer.....but alas that is more or less it!  I am not good at settling down with a design idea and seeing a project through.  My spontaneous way of working and reliance on serendipity always seem to win!!  Had a great day yesterday and went to visit my friend Jenny in her gorgeous shop Handmade Happiness in Petersfield.  If ever you are in that part of the world you must go....also visit her blog ...... everything in the shop is made by local artists - there are so many clever people out there.  Have a good day!

At last!!  Signs of spring....what a lovely sight greeted me when I came downstairs this morning.  It even feels a bit warmer....enjoy!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Somewhere in Sussex I have an embellisher packed away.....I can't wait to get it back....looking at some of my past excursions into embellishing reminds me of what fun I had whizzing around with a threadless needle.  Gosh ........ moving into my new home and unpacking all my stuff will feel like Christmas!!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Sorting, spinning and generally getting ready for my next project...this is the bit I enjoy the most.  It feels rather like getting the paints out and planning a masterpiece.  Talking of planning, we had some great news yesterday on the house front.  For three months we have been waiting for retrospective planning permission on windows and doors that we put into our flat....obviously it would have been a major problem for our buyer if we hadn't got it.  Anyway - we did - so we can breathe again.  We also had a good quote for conservatory/extension.  All we need now is the house!!  We haven't been informed yet that we can't complete on 25th February - but I think it is looking doubtful....we keep waiting and hoping!  Had a great time at guild yesterday, catching up with old friends...and then brilliant choir practice.  The sound is fantastic now we are all getting more confident.  Have a good day x

Last night's book club ended up with us all singing along with my friend's auto harp and then looking at latest charity shop finds!!  I thought this dress was so pretty I couldn't resist taking some pictures of it.  The auto harp is truly amazing....I've never seen one before.  It is incredibly simple to use and makes a beautiful sound....somewhere between a harp and a guitar.  We did also spend a lot of time talking about the month's book...and now we all have another delicious read tucked in our bags.  Today I spend the day making at the local embroiders guild and then tonight....choir practice.  The music is coming along nicely and I can't wait to sing with the Philarmonic orchestra next month!

Monday, 11 February 2013

More images of a shop in summer.  Presentation is so important and I love the way Linda puts things together...she has such a gift.  Yesterday we went out for lunch and enjoyed escaping the foul weather.  It's stopped raining this morning, so I shall rush to get dogs out...before going to new house to get a quote for a conservatory.  Today I am hoping that various hiccups will be ironed out and that the house sale/purchase can go through as planned....but I'm not counting my chickens!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

With Valentines Day fast approaching I thought this picture was appropriate.  It also reminds me of how much I like dried flowers - roses in particular.  I have all sort of thoughts and longings about how I am going to decorate the new home.....unfortunately there have been some hiccups on the buying 25th February is beginning to look doubtful.....I'll keep you posted.  Meanwhile have a good (wet and cold!!) day x

My latest pile of work that I am in the process of finishing off.  I find that sewing up bags, gloves etc. takes almost as long as making the actual piece. I couldn't resist taking a photo of my crochet flowers lying nonchalantly in the ivy.......I made these flowers with my single ply, handspun yarn.  I know I've said this before, but I really do like the texture of single ply.  It is not easy to use because of the twist, but the results are different to anything else.  The textile Kathryn Alexandra has done a lot of work with single ply and it's stunning!