Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Spotted on the telly last night.....my son doing his bit at the Olympics in the swimming arena!!  There was great excitement when Becky, his daughter, looked up from her I-pad and saw her dad on the screen......my daughter-in-law is green with envy as she was desperate to get tickets for the Olympics....didn't get any....and now watching her husband not only seeing everything but getting paid for it!!!..Also, yesterday, we had a brilliant knitting group here with loads of birthday presents for two of us......I think we're going to have to re-name the group as the Cake Tasting Session!! My grandson was such a help to his poor Granny who is still suffering a bit with the bug.  He acted as waiter, candle lighter and general dogsbody (despite previously telling me that he was going to hide for the afternoon).  Meanwhile Becky acted as a model for my apron....

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Dyed, washed and ready to go...it's very satisfying to end up with a good pile of coloured fabric and fleece.  Yesterday we visited a local sheep farm and I managed to get a good fleece which is now soaking .  I'm still struggling healthwise and this morning have bad earache despite being on anti biotics...I am willing it away as two grandchildren arrive later and I so want to enjoy having them.  I'm not very good at feeling unwell, but it certainly makes me appreciate my normal good health.  Well, more Olympics today and I for one will be watching local girl  Gemma Stopforth (think that's how you spell it) in the finals of her swimming race tonight.  We heard from policeman son, who is in the Olympic Park, last night and he said it's magic there!  Have a good day x

Saturday, 28 July 2012

I've made the most of the good weather and spent some time dyeing (that's actually whatI've felt like doing myself...but am slowly getting over my bug!)..I have a plan up my sleeve, so have been dyeing mainly solid colours. As you can see, there's still some fabric in the pot..can't 
 wait to see what it will eventually look like.  My idea is, that when the winter comes, I will have a wonderful stash of wools and fabrics to work with...I have visions of embellishing. felting. knit and crochet, spinning etc. etc. etc.   I love it!

Still feeling a bit rough after the bug attacked me....mind you, I did manage to stay up and watch the Olympic celebrations....I thought it was fantastic and very sensitively done.  The mix of celebration and yet the awareness of suffering worked, and for me, was totally unexpected.  I've put these pictures of flowers on today because looking at them makes me feel better!  We have two more days before we are surrounded by grandchildren for the whole month of August, so I really must get my strength up!!

Friday, 27 July 2012

I've been struggling with rather vicious bug and yesterday had a very high temperature....am now on anti biotics, so will hopefully soon be back on a roll....but am feeling rather washed out!  Today Olympics start and the whole country seems to be getting into it...we saw the torch last week - it was brilliant how everybody was out in the streets and chatting....a great atmosphere. My son is policing at the Olympic Stadium - so I hope all goes well.  Have a good day x

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Middle Farm is a typical Sussex farm which has brought itself up to date and earns income from the general public. I have enjoyed going there for many years but now it is particularly useful because it is exactly mid-way between here and Worthing where Emma and Jack live - so it is an extremely useful handing over point.  The other day we enjoyed coffee and cake in the garden.  The birds were having a high old time and were mopping up all our crumbs!  As Emma said, "If I were a bird I'd make sure I lived somewhere like this!!" By the way, looking at the top picture has given me an idea for a weaving.......

Monday, 23 July 2012

What is art?  The moving bus is on top of the De la Warr Pavilion in Bexhill.  It is the brainchild of artist Richard Wilson and the title of the Exhibition is "Hang on a minute, I've got a good idea"!! Whatever else it is or isn't it is certainly good fun and stretched our imagination! Standing underneath it is nerve wracking, especially when the bus starts to tip downward....anyway, during the day yesterday we had various artistic attempts and I thought these pictures of Jack's were really good...trouble is I found myself washing up with an extremely green washing up brush this morning.  Not sure how that happened, but I need to get a new one....

All through the bad weather my little flowers have been struggling valiantly to survive.  They now have their reward and are basking in the sunshine and enjoying being alive!  So am I!! Yesterday was a busy day and I spent a lot of time in the local swimming pool with Jack (whose swimming has improved beyond recognition since the beginning of term).  Afterwards we were starving and so went and had well-deserved refreshments at Macdonalds!! All through the summer holidays various assortments of grandchildren will be here, but I shall definitely try to keep the creative spirit going......

Saturday, 21 July 2012

The displays in Anthropologie, one of my favourite stores in London, are so inspiring.  I love the way the mugs are stored, creating a repetitive pattern.  I rarely spend any money in the shop but I always gain treasure by looking....Summer has finally arrived in the U.K. so I hope you all enjoy the wonderful sunshine...

As I think I mentioned the other day, my cat Wooster has become obsessed with me...wherever I go, whatever I do, there is a loud rumbling sound.  This is all very well, but it does make it difficult to actually DO anything!!  Anyway, after tipping him off the table, I managed to finish some work I have been doing on pockets....and today I am the proud wearer of pocketed jeans!!  The sun is shining and I am off west because I have an appointment at mid day.  I then shall walk up on the Downs with two newly shampooed and trimmed canines!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Charming views of an English town...I think Arundel is such a special place and just wandering around the streets is inspiring.  It is no wonder that it draws artists from all over the world.  Next month is the Arundel Festival which is always a great event......Hopefully today will be the last day of rain for a bit.  We are promised some sunshine....??? Whatever the weather, today is the day of dog shampooing and (hopefully) some painting.  Have a good one x

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Well...I'm back home (again) and have no plans to go away again for a few weeks!!  We had a good few days away and, amongst other things, spent a few hours in Chichester (a place we love).  I couldn't resist showing you these sculptures within the Cathedral compound.  The setting was just perfect, and I really love these figures and only wish we'd had more time there.  I also went to a good art exhibition in the Oxmarket galleries.  Honestly - there are some very clever people around! Today I must get my head around domestic stuff......and walk and swim as usual this morning.  As I write this - there is a huge rumbling sound.....one of my boys (Wooster the cat) is beside himself with joy at my presence.  Will not leave me alone, and when he found he was uncomfortable on my lap last night when I was spinning, he promptly jumped into my basket of fleece and settled down,,,,,,

Saturday, 14 July 2012

My friend Val popped in yesterday and inspired me to finish off some whacky creations....it's strange how friends can always set the creative juices flowing.....Also, Linda, who owns the lovely shop across the road, sold quite a bitt of my stuff, so I am beginning to collect the pennies once again!!>>However, we're off again today (life's seems to be one long holiday at the moment) , so I shall not be blogging until the end of the week.  In the meantime, I hope the sun shines (!!??) on you all, and on the Olympic torch which is coming our way this week.....

WHAT'S HAPPENED TO THE TELEPHONE BOXES?  We went to London yesterday and had a good day going to art exhibitions and a piano concert....but....the telephone boxes have changed........having said that, there was a definite arty buzz about the place...flags flying. murals, screens and fantastic window displays.  London is definitely preparing itself for the Olympics (despite the weather)  I just love the cosmopolitan - ness of a big city, but it was good to get home and sleep.....in fact I slept for hours and hours last night...and still feel like going to sleep again, but I must get up and get going and shall venture forth to the woods in the rain.  Have a good day x