Friday, 29 June 2012

Janet had organised a painting workshop for us both yesterday and was patiently trying to get me to explore different techniques.  As she well knows, I am always a rebellious pupil (she has always said that I never do as I'm told!)........well, I promise you, I really did try, but in the end I lost the plot...painted over everything I had done...I completely eradicated a morning's work.  I won't (at this stage) show the finished result, but needless to say it is nothing like the original!!  We had a great day though, and sat up talking and drinking wine 'til the small hours.  How I love this weather.......

Thursday, 28 June 2012

I feel as though I,ve been here for ages, and am now well established into the Italian way of life...had my siesta yesterday afternoon, and then was raring to go all evening.  We went down to the lake where Janet's art group had an exhibition (held in the ancient cattle shed!) - it has since been cleared out I hasten to add!  At the bottom is some of Janet's work.  I took the opportunity to wander around Capodimonte (a place I love) and took some photos.  It was one of the most beautiful evenings I think I have ever experienced.  And then to finish off...Italy won their semi final of the football and so hooters and cheering were heard until the small hours.  I was here before when Italy won the cup - wonder if it will happen again Sunday?  The celebrations will be massive!

SUMMER IS HERE!!  But.....I am in Italy and the temperature is rising up to 40 degrees at the moment.  I have come to stay with my very best mate....we've been friends for 37 years and we're still going!!! We have so much in common and love to talk textiles and art.   Here is Janet in her new gloves that were made for her by my good friend Val who goes to our knitting group.....she is thrilled with them .......As you can see the see the grass here is really burned with the sun....(just like in the U>K>!!!) Have a good day everyone - I'll be back tomorrow x

Sunday, 24 June 2012

London was all of a buzz yesterday and the show was great.  My friend's daughter was playing the part of the wicked witch.  She was terrific and got a standing ovation.  The only thing was , she was so convincing that all the little children around us were terrified!!  I think they were finished off when she descended from the roof of the theatre, on her broomstick, and hung around in front of us (on the balcony)!!! Anyway, it was a brilliant bit of escapism and I had a great day........

Saturday, 23 June 2012

My beautiful little flowers valiantly trying to survive the summer storms.....they keep on growing and keep on looking beautiful.  However, yesterday the weather was kind to us.   I forgot to take my camera which is a great pity because the wedding itself was fantastic.  Arundel Cathedral looked everywhere and wonderful music being played on the harp and flute. Saw a lot of old friends and altogether it was a very happy occasion...oh yes, I did wear my boots!  I shall also wear them today as gales are hurling themselves around the house.  I am off to the theatre in London - can't wait!!

Friday, 22 June 2012

This week we discovered yet another different indian restaurant.  The food was stunning and being there was such a visual feast.   Even the walkway to the ladies loo was fab.  (I seem to remember I put a pic of a ladies loo on my  log the other day).....oh well!   I enjoyed the two day summer earlier in the week and am keeping fingers crossed for tomorrow because we go to a wedding...shall I wear my winter boots?  Still not sure!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Still being inspired by gardens......this is a picture of a Brighton backyard.  I love the naturalness of feels like a little oasis in the city.  I am still waiting for my 'eureka' moments to I can create something amazing.  I wonder if I'll be waiting for ever??  Meanwhile I am off to Brighton again today to meet my niece.  It's frightening how quickly time goes and  for me it's so important to nurture friends and family.  I am so thankful that I have both and never want to take them for granted.  Thankyou everyone xx

We had a good knitting group and sat in the blazing sun!!  I simply had to show you this brilliant throw that Michelle has almost finished.  It is beautifully made andI have to thank Michelle for inspiring me and patiently showing me how to crochet!  At the moment I have a dyepot going with my newly acquired fleece.....can't wait to see the results!

Monday, 18 June 2012

You're probably getting bored with all these flowers, but when I looked at these rather wild, rambling roses in front of our garage - I had to take a photo.  I'm hoping my creative energy will soon return, but in the meantime I can still appreciate everything around me.  I have been doing quite a lot of spinning, but I clearly didn't wash my last batch of dyed fleece very well because I am walking around with very green hands.......On Saturday I got a beautiful new washed fleece for £2.50 so I must get the dyepot out again!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

On my way home from Lewes yesterday I had time to call in to Charleston House, the Sussex home of the Bloomsbury Group.  I love it there.  The sun was shining, the air was energising and the colour and scent of the garden fed all my senses.  It is a truly lovely place and I cannot recommend it enough.  And - last but certainly not least - I couldn't resist taking a pic of the ladies loo!! 

Friday, 15 June 2012

This shop window in Paris is so shrieks patchwork and quilting to me.  It was inside this little treasure store that I saw, and succumbed to buying, a royal blue leather (lovely smelling) bag.  I just love it and it always reminds me of happy times in France.  Somehow - in general - we just don't seem to get the same sense of style over here in the U>K> but of course there are exceptions.  Well, another day of high winds - can't see any sign of the sun yet.  I wonder how my daughter will cope when she arrives home after two weeks in 90 + degrees in Florida.  Maybe I should put the heating on to welcome them home!! Off to the Weaver Spinners and Dyers Guild in Lewes today. It's always good and stimulating to be with like minded people.  Have a good weekend!

I haven't felt very creative this week - so I thought I would just put on two lovely images today.  The bottom one was taken last year when we were on holiday in Dorset.....and I just love the beautiful flowers in the top pic.  Hope you enjoy them too!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Layers are everywhere and apart from doing a myriad of other things I have been playing around with layering knit and crochet on to felt.  As ever - nature is my inspiration.  It has been so wonderful to see the sun for a few hours.......I know more storms are on the way but I am grabbing every single second of sunshine.  

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The colours and shapes of fruit and vegetables always fascinate me.........I'm sure I could be inspired to create an amazing work of art!!??  I particularly liked these displays in a Paris market.  Well now it's the aftermath of the flooding...we have a very small property in Littlehampton that has a crack in the walls with damp getting! I hope it's not too serious, but I'd better ring the insurance company today.  At least the inside of the property hasn't been flooded like a lot of others - let's hope it keeps standing!

All the greens:  I love this old french linen nightshirt which I dyed and severely altered (so that I could get into it!)  Yesterday I added the patchwork pocket and think it looks ok.  I shall wear it today and pretend it's summer!  I still find it fascinating to see my colour mixes...because I must have some inner sense as they all seem to co-ordinate.  This hank of hand dyed and spun silk is one of my favourites.  I shall need to produce some more as I am now using this in a project .  The trouble with me is that I want to keep everything ... but probably not a good idea.  Today we have our knitting group.  We were all going to a garden charity event first - but, guess what?  It's been cancelled because of the we'll have a good old knit and natter indoors!