Thursday, 31 May 2012

MORE SOURCES OF INSPIRATION; I went to visit a very creative friend yesterday and was buzzed up with ideas and inspiration by the time I left.  Her garden is amazing and I just had to add these pictures to my blog.  I have a lot of thoughts about my next project!!  Today sees me becoming inundated with dogs so I am preparing myself and working out a routine of exercising six dogs daily!!  Should be fun - and keep me extremely fit.......

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Although I'm not known for my gardening skills I do enjoy plants in pots!! In other words...instant gratification!!  Probably because we've moved so much in our lives it has never seemed worth expending enormous amounts of time and energy on something that will have to be left after a while....I have added some pictures of knit and journals and sense a real link of colours and shapes.  Inspiration is all around!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

After my flurry of excitement with the orange/pink roses, I decided to spend yesterday afternoon's group time trying to knit and crochet roses!!  Not sure if they do look like flowers, but I'll probably felt them or embellish or something...Needless to say we had another very enjoyable group but we did miss Val, who's not well.  Lots of love Val and get well soon x

Monday, 28 May 2012

The bunch of roses that I bought yesterday set me off...I couldn't resist doing a quick sketch before I went off for my pub lunch!  Also - it must be something to do with the sun - I am spinning a beautiful orange/pink mix of merino fleece and silk.....I can see a bag covered in roses coming on.....

Sunday, 27 May 2012

A LITTLE BOY AND LOTS OF DOGS.  It  was so fab. on the Downs yesterday - I just had to put these pictures on today.  I certainly appreciate living in such a beautiful part of the country.  We were all starving after an early start - and the walking - that we felt obliged to go down to the cafe on the beach and have some more of those scrumptious saute potatoes.  We had twice as many as last week - and they disappeared in half the time!!  I offloaded my creations for the Adur art trail in Shoreham.  It is a brilliant venue - a lovely spacious, light house (with an incredible studio in it.  The next venue to ours (which is no. 32 in the brochure) is a houseboat.  I must get a look at this - apparently a very good artist. 
Today is our day off (well - all my days are days off!!) so after I've been walking, swimming and going to Tescoes we plan to go for a good pub lunch......
Well, the Brighton art trail was much to see and so many interesting conversations.  I think what I enjoy the most is going into people's homes and seeing how the work is presented.  A lot of artists are working away in sheds, garages, studios of all sorts, and even caravans!  I saw amazing houses, gardens and art work - and I found plenty of cakes!!  This morning I have just loaded the car with some of my own work and am taking it over to be a part of the Adur Art Trail (I love this time of year because there is art and creativity everywhere!)>  Then I shall spend some sunny time up on the Downs with Emma, Jack and about 100 dogs,,,hey ho.  Have a good day x
inside the shed
inside the caravan

Friday, 25 May 2012

To celebrate this gorgeous weather I decided to take the girls (dogs) for a walk along the Eastbourne promenade.  It was absolutely fantastic.....the rock gardens are a sight to behold....the sea was as blue as could be and the sun was hot....but a beautiful cooling breeze.  The girls loved it - particularly when a kind lady offered them some ice cream....talking of which I couldn't resist taking the two pics at the bottom whilst I was sitting eating my ice cream!!  When we got home, I noticed George's eye was starting to swell again - although this time it was a definite round hard lump.  So after another visit to the vet and another strong (and expensive) injection - plus the removal of a tick - George is on the road to recovery!!!  Today I'm off to the Brighton artists' trail.  I shall make sure I go to the houses that have tea and cakes in the garden!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

A few of us had a good working morning yesterday.  Val has finished off this fantastic felt bowl, and Naomi has made fabulous bunting in time for the Jubilee.  Meanwhile I finished off a pile of bags...also, I must admit that we did eat some scrumptious cakes and cheese scones.  I think a diet might be beckoning..........another lovely day today, so I'm off for my walk! Enjoy!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

As promised, here are some of my 'on location' photographs.  I probably got a bit carried away, but I really like the idea of the fleece returning to nature ( if you get my meaning!)  Anyway, I am now wondering if the felt balls will produce fruit.....The amazing weather yesterday spurred me on to have a clear out and a clean out.  I won't tell you what filth I discovered under a cupboard that hasn't been moved for three years!!  Needless to say, all is now sparkling fresh...(housework never has been my favourite occupation!).  I also got my hands on some more paint - so have been painting tables, chairs and flowerpots!  I just LOVE summer!  

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I had a photographic session in the garden yesterday to celebrate the first day of (our) summer.  It was a glorious day - and is again today...yipee!  I'll show more pics of my photographic endeavours tomorrow.  But I thought I should prove to you that we do knit at our knit and natter group!  In fact yesterday (which was Tuesday whatever my computer says) we all - well most of us - were very industrious.  There are some very clever knitters in this group.  Maybe we should have an exhibition one day?  A ps to yesterday's blog:  George had a bee sting which was forming an abcess, so after a very strong (and very expensive ) injection, she is now well on the road to full recovery.  Whatever the problem - nothing seems to affect her appetite! Have a good day x