Wednesday, 11 January 2012

As you can see, the door was open, sun streaming in and birds singing like there was no tomorrow. All together a really great ambience to enhance creativity! It was so good to get the paints out. I also used the wax pot and did my usual scrunching around. In fact the colour of one of my pages did spur me on last night to do a small knitted piece, which I thought I would actually put in a journal. I am feeling very excited this morning because my daughter and I sweated tears over a planning application to put an extension to the side of her flat. I was sure we had done it all wrong, but apparently it is ok and the planners want to come for a site visit. One step closer.......


  1. Golly, is that your studio? Deep envy!

  2. It's our dining room...but I have sort of taken it over. It's such a good room to work in because it's south facing and sun just pours in. I do have to clear table at end of the day though!!