Monday, 30 April 2012

SINGING THE BLUES            I couldn't resist taking a picture of my nearly finished bag amongst the bluebells....I have always loved bluebells...the colour is fantastic and they completely transform the woods where they grow.  I always remember walking into a bluebell wood near Urchfont Manor in Wiltshire years ago.  The scent and colour blew my mind - I felt that it was a little bit of heaven. At the time I was taking part in a City & Guilds embroidery course, so we had to paint the bluebells....something triggered in me at that point - and I have never been the same since!!  Also - how about the gorgeous rock - found on the earth's crust in Arizona (in Natural History museum) - who said that 'natural' colours have to be subdued??

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  1. Love the bag, and love bluebells too. I ahve loads in my garden although I do have to dig them up occasionally to stop them from taking over completely!