Tuesday, 15 May 2012

This is where I go in the mornings after I have written my blog.  Early morning has always been my favourite time of day - even when I was at school I was always up with the lark in order to do my paper round!! A walk and fresh air gets me going for the day...and the girls of course love it!  I am still wrapping myself up in winter gear...this morning it is lovely and sunny - but very cold.  Oh well - let's keep hoping for some summer weather.  I am off to Brighton again today to have yet another lesson on my mac - and hopefully to get my i-pod sorted out.  It's all so complicated, but for some reason my new i-pod won't send e-mails...probably a simple solution - but beyond me!!.. By the way stitches are out and I still have a face ... (just).  We had a good knit / eat yesterday with our group- more on that tomorrow...
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what a gorgeous girl!

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