Wednesday, 6 June 2012

I sat outside - wrapped up, with hood on - in an  attempt to paint a quick sketch of my plants....but in the end the rain beat me and I had to go inside and peer out of the window!!  I grabbed a few creative moments yesterday and surrounded myself with colourful yarns and fabric.  I really do like to immerse myself in it all but it means there is always a lot of clearing up.  It's raining a bit again this morning - but I'm about to take a deep breath and go walking.  The six dogs are being extremely well behaved and our routine is going like clockwork.  I notice that they are all obviously feeling more at home now, because when I open the kitchen door in the morning there are howls and squeaks of delight.  The perk for Jessie (my brother's dog) is that in the evenings we have had the fire on  She lies right in front of it - she's in heaven.  Last night I did my usual count - one was missing (it's always Madge, my daughter's dog).  I found her burrowed down in Jack's (her little Master) duvet.....I haven't washed it since Jack was here, so it obviously has his smell on it........ 

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  1. I get the impression from this little glimpse that your garden is lovely! Your sketches are lovely to.