Saturday, 2 June 2012

My friend Linda is so clever at finding things.  The other day she found this old bike - and now it has a place of honour outside her shop.  Doesn't it look great?  Also - another pic for you....I had a short,sharp burst of painting creativity when I sat with my flowers!  I just love the colours.  Today, the day of the Jubilee River pageant, it is raining...hope it least I won't need to water my plants!  By the way, all 6 dogs are behaving very well.  On their first day here - when it came to feeding time -  it was like something out of a comedy film.  Each dog has their own instructions, so I was busy reading them, trying to sort everything out - dogs all around getting more and more hyper. Then I put the wrong bowl down to the wrong dog, tried to pick it up, was knocked, food, dogs everywhere!!!! I now have a very organised system.  Prepare and label everything first...and then separate each dog into a different room.  Honestly, I take my hat off to my daughter who does this for a living...don't know how she copes!!

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