Friday, 15 June 2012

This shop window in Paris is so shrieks patchwork and quilting to me.  It was inside this little treasure store that I saw, and succumbed to buying, a royal blue leather (lovely smelling) bag.  I just love it and it always reminds me of happy times in France.  Somehow - in general - we just don't seem to get the same sense of style over here in the U>K> but of course there are exceptions.  Well, another day of high winds - can't see any sign of the sun yet.  I wonder how my daughter will cope when she arrives home after two weeks in 90 + degrees in Florida.  Maybe I should put the heating on to welcome them home!! Off to the Weaver Spinners and Dyers Guild in Lewes today. It's always good and stimulating to be with like minded people.  Have a good weekend!

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