Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Well...I'm back home (again) and have no plans to go away again for a few weeks!!  We had a good few days away and, amongst other things, spent a few hours in Chichester (a place we love).  I couldn't resist showing you these sculptures within the Cathedral compound.  The setting was just perfect, and I really love these figures and only wish we'd had more time there.  I also went to a good art exhibition in the Oxmarket galleries.  Honestly - there are some very clever people around! Today I must get my head around domestic stuff......and walk and swim as usual this morning.  As I write this - there is a huge rumbling of my boys (Wooster the cat) is beside himself with joy at my presence.  Will not leave me alone, and when he found he was uncomfortable on my lap last night when I was spinning, he promptly jumped into my basket of fleece and settled down,,,,,,

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip, I love Philip Jackson's work, his work once inspired one of my prints.Bet the boys love you home including the big one.x