Saturday, 26 January 2013

I made a trip to our local Hobbycraft the other day because I am missing all my arty''s safely packed up somewhere in East Sussex!  Anyway, I bought a cheap box of paints, some coloured pencils and had to get work the minute I got back home.  I know that fruit in a bowl isn't very original...but I couldn't resist painting my new red bowl (which, by the way, I have now lost.....I think my friend has put it away somewhere and as she is still sleeping sweetly I have had to use a white bowl for my porridge.)    The snow seems to have now ended and the sun is beginning to shine - so maybe today's dog walk will be slightly less treacherous!!  By the way - last night we bought a fabulous beaten up, old 3-seater leather sofa.  We are absolutely thrilled with it - it was a real bargain and will look great in (fingers crossed) our new house!

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