Saturday, 19 January 2013

Well, I didn't manage to get my hair cut yesterday as cut a long story short I had to have an emergency tooth extraction.  I feel as though my head is slowly disintegrating......I broke another tooth the day I arrived back in West Sussex - my ear has been agony - and now a gap!!!  Never mind, I'm still smiling and managed to do these sketch pages whilst waiting to see my dental friend Jose - who I have to say is extremely dishy.  It takes the pain out of going to the dentist.  While I was lying prostrate on the bed, unable to talk - I get a call to say that our buyer's buyer is getting very wobbly and is threatening to pull out of the house buying chain. Oh well, what will be will be - but I'm still hoping x

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  1. I have all my fingers crossed for you on the house purchase bit. From my own experience if you can find out why the buyer's buyer is wobbling then you might be able to do something about it if it relates to the move itself. Don't leave it to the agents to keep the chain alive.

    On the sketch book pages - lovely! I love your colours - they always make me click onto your blog!