Thursday, 31 January 2013

When I was in a snow storm the other day I tried to get a photo of the heavy snow falling, but it didn't really work -although it is possible to spot a couple of flakes!  Anyway, I decided I needed warming up, so treated myself to very naughty but extremely nice goodies!!Roll on summer, when maybe I'll loose a few pounds.  Meanwhile, I do enjoy my coffee and cake!!!  Mind you, I' off to meet a friend in a fantastic coffee shop  this morning - and have then promised my daughter that I will treat her to the best muffins in the world at the Jamie Oliver Cafe in Brighton!!  Absolutely no hope for my waistline  By the way, the house move is still inching along for 25th Feb.'s hoping......

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  1. Your coffee and cake look yummy. Hope things continue to run smoothly on the house front