Tuesday, 26 February 2013

I have to say that the decor in this little Brighton cafe is more amazing than the food........!!  Our chocolate cake was swamped in raspberry coulis and was really disappointing.  Oh well, we tried and enjoyed the scenery!!  I am still trying to buy a house, but more complications with the lease etc. etc. and no sign of moving date.  This morning I am going (yet again) to park myself in the solicitors' office at 8.30 am to try get action.  I am beginning to think I may end up putting in a formal complaint re. time wasting and shoddy work.  Good news is ... I found a brilliant little shed yesterday which would make a fab garden studio.  It is in the sale for 2 more days, and then more or less doubles in price.  I have decided to go ahead and buy it.  So I shall have a shed, a tv and a chair!  Who cares about a house???


  1. You must be beyond frustrated Alison. I am checking your blog every day for the magic words,'We have moved!' I am sure it will happen any day now.x

    1. Still hoping but at least I've just bought my shed!!