Wednesday, 20 February 2013

I was so frustrated yesterday I decided to pummel away my anger on some poor old fibre .... hence a piece of felt!!!  To cut a very long story short, it would seem that there is a huge communication problem between two lots of solicitors.  I think they don't like each other, and refuse to make contact!  The result of all this is that much time has been wasted and we are now no longer moving next week.  Not sure when it will be because the latest problem is that there needs to be agreement as to where the refuse bins are kept in the garden of the flat we are selling.  There has never ever been any problem whatsoever between the two flats - but clearly the solicitor is about to make one!!!  Having got my head around the situation I have decided to take myself off for the morning to try and forget about houses........


  1. this is so frustrating for you - and I hear so much about this sort of thing. Solicitors seem to forget that they have a duty of care.

    Felting is a great way to release the stress!!

  2. You will get there I promise! My solicitor decided we needed an agreement concerning land that the main sewer ran under incase the new owner ever needed to access it. I pointed out that if the the new owner had a sewer problem then so would the owner of the land as everyone fed into the same sewer and that in general people tended to help their neighbours, but no we had to get it all down on paper.

    Chin up, you'll be able to look back on it all and smile soon :-)