Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Today is my friend Jill's birthday so she is celebrating in style by having breakfast in bed ....... wearing her new bed socks, made by another dear friend, Val.  Jill is particularly thrilled by the fact that she can sit and gaze at the felt hearts (felt made and dyed by me!!!).  What a birthday!!  Mind you last night Jill was invited to go to America for 2 weeks next month - so we'll look after her dog while she goes on her travels....she is a very happy lady today.  25 years ago I made an embroidered birthday card for Jill.  Because our birthdays are 6 months apart - we send it to each other so each keeps it for 6 months.  It is the archetypal re-cycled card.  Each birthday we stick another white label on with our greetings....think of the money we've saved in 25 years!!    Talking of which - I gave the birthday girl a small bunch of flowers - picked from her own garden.  I believe in economy!!!

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