Tuesday, 16 April 2013

As you can see I'm in a blue/green mode, so am painting everything within sight!!  I do like the effect of painted window frames.....I can always paint over them when I feel a new colour coming on.  I am enjoying playing around with the dresser and quite like the multi-coloured look.  Meanwhile my boys wait patiently (the cats) to be let outside .....so I have relented and plan to open the doors later today.  Hope they don't run away.......fingers crossed!  I'm off to a knitting group in our local library today.  It's quite a strange place to meet because obviously there are people there trying to read.  Oh well - it's worth a try but probably I'll start my own group here eventually.  I was in  Bexhill yesterday and my old group are going to come over  for an extended cake eating session + knit day!

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