Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Based on the image of local beach huts I decided to try my hand at some more patchwork.  It was the first time I had got out my sewing machine since the move.....also as you can see, I actually baked some scones - again the first time this year.  So things are gradually getting back to normal.  I didn't blog yesterday because I was sitting in A & E.  I have had four nose bleeds in the last few days and was advised to get it sorted....however, nothing was sorted because the bleed has come from way behind the visible parts.  Anyway - I am so happy because no nose bleed this morning.   Let's hope it all calms in the meantime I am keeping calm on the home front this week!  Have a good day x 


  1. Oh, lovely ice cream colors & it's fabulous the way your wool matches the anemmone!

  2. I love the photos on your blog! They are always so stunning!

    You'll have to share your secret sometime!

    And, I'll have my scone with butter and home made jam please!