Monday, 15 April 2013

I'm back.....and we're in!!  I love my little house so much and already feel totally at home.  Today we are back on line - so now in touch once again with the rest of the world!!  We moved in last Friday week - during the evening.  As you can see, the first piece of furniture to arrive was the dresser we had found in the local charity warehouse.  Second the brilliant battered old leather sofa we found for £40.  It's very comfortable but needs some feet!!  Last week was non stop and between us Emma and I have painted three bedrooms, done various removals from different parts of Sussex, re-housed numerous animals and children - built beds, installed kitchen equipment - arranged tvs, broadband etc etc (Em has done most of the organising.....I have just gone along with the flow!!) and even entertained family for a good sized meal (partly cooked on a camping stove).  I shan't be getting my shed for a while because we have to prepare the ground surface - but it will arrive during the summer.  So all in all, a  busy and hectic time, but such a thrill the whole thing.  The best bit is when I am busy doing nothing in particular, I get a call saying "dinner's ready!!"  I wonder how long that will last??  As you can see, I have now sorted out all wools etc. so must soon get going on the creative bit..........x 

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  1. It looks a lovely house, I can see why you love it. I wish you many. nay happy years in it :-)