Thursday, 23 May 2013

Well ...... it's arrived!!  My amazing, huge art shed!!  The phrase "small is beautiful" comes to mind.  I'm so pleased with it and am now in the process of moving in - deciding on shelves etc.  and what colour to paint it.  There is some compromise here because my daughter is into cream and white and I agree it does make things look bigger and less cluttered, but I suspect a bit of colour will creep in eventually!!  The shed you can see behind my art shed was already here when we moved in and stores all the usual stuff - bikes, sunbeds (??). lawn mower etc. etc., so really useful to have.  Today, amongst other things I shall try to track down a high stool on which I can perch when painting.  Actually, the work surface and storage space is much better than you would think.  Can't wait to test it!