Sunday, 21 July 2013

To start with.....just look at the colour of the Downs on this morning's walk.......amazing isn't it?  Absolutely fantastic weather - as I've said before, I LOVE it!!   The Opera that I mentioned in my last blog was brilliant.  I hadn't realised what I was going to....a professional Opera set in the beautiful estate of John Getty.  Another day I'll show you some pictures of the gardens...unbelievable.  The opera house actually packs away (!!) but it costs a million pounds every time it is folded up - fortunately Mr. Getty has decided he is quite happy to live alongside the building permanently, thus saving lots of money!  The Opera was a kind of  experiment and included the community alongside the professionals.  You can spot my grandaughter in the back left corner!! The children have put in hours of practice but should be very proud of what they achieved.  Tomorrow I am going to see my baby grandaughter who is now 4 months old.  Fortunately I am travelling by train ... I have just had another nosebleed, so have plenty of tissues in my bag.  It would be a nightmare driving whilst clutching on to my nose..............

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