Tuesday, 13 August 2013


I guess it's a bit like planning a quilt.....we are in the process of planning our patio garden.  Once the conservatory/extension has been built (and builders have now started) we'll need to get the garden sorted.  Whilst I love the grass/trees/flowers etc.  it is just not practical for us - we'll never have a lovely lawn when it is continually being trampled by four-legged canines....and the mud in the winter becomes unbearable.  So .....patio type garden it will be...watch this space.  Meanwhile, I still love the house.  It works really well - it's great to feel settled at long last!!

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  1. What about some recycled bricks with herbs plated between? Some thing for the bees but I know what you mean about the pooches. The little darlings are not good at wiping their muddy paws are they?