Sunday, 27 October 2013

Looking at these scenes up on the South Downs, it's hard to imagine that in a few hours' time ferocious winds are the next few hours we shall be battoning down the hatches and then keep our fingers crossed that the hurrican type winds will not be too bad.   Of course living right by the sea, we are always aware of the elements in a very special way.  Apart from that I am going to have a chilling out day after the 'busyness' of the Lewes Exhibition.  I had a fantastic time - have met so many different people - and have had lots of very positive input with lots of exciting possibilities for the future.....I am on a roll.......Have a good weekend x  (not sure what's happened but I notice today that my computer seems to have got the date right - it's usually a day behind.  Maybe the change of clocks did something amazing??   )

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  1. Love views of the South Downs countryside and it's great to see the sea in the distance. Pleased to hear that your exhibition was a success and hope the high winds which are forecast are bearable and without damage.