Friday, 22 November 2013

Gorgeous dyed curly fleece….there's always an element of disappointment when this is used in some way .  I think it looks so good like this - maybe I should just have baskets of fleece around the house…….I'm very excited today because I've made the decision to buy myself a little car.  I sold my last one in the summer, and although in many ways I am ok without one - I do miss the independence and freedom of being mobile.  So …… almost on the spur of the moment, yesterday we went around the corner to the garage and there sat a 3yr old little run-around.  exactly what I need - nothing fancy.  It is such a good deal and I get 2 years warranty, 2 years free RAC, free tax, free mot and 2 years free servicing.  A no-brainer really - so freedom - here I come….!! 

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  1. OOOH - Pretty colours. I have some of that curly fleece but find it a bit tricky to spin. I'm going to card it in with some other stuff...