Friday, 8 November 2013

Stripped bare….and ready to start again.  That's how it feels with our little garden.  The fun bit will now start..i.e.thinking of climbers, and pot plants etc.  We would like to get an evergreen climber to go on the left fence, which is south facing.  It needs to be pretty tough and ideally could be planted in a large pot. Any ideas?  I've already had to fish a dog out of one of the plant pots - so on the whole things have to be dog-proof!!  As you can see,  the art shed is still standing and will soon be put to good use!


  1. Your orchids look so healthy and happy - I think the colour are glorious

  2. It's all looking very arty and lovely. I like the little picket fence. It makes a nice division between the garden and the sheds.