Sunday, 15 December 2013

Cheering myself up with colour.......I enjoyed finishing off these sketches and, as always, the therapeutic value of colour lifts my spirits.  I have to say the broken arm has been extremely painful and I now have a cold to help me along the way!!!! Tomorrow I should find out whether or not I need surgery - I'm still hoping I won't, but if I do I shall just have to get on with it.  Sorry if I sound a bit gloomy but it has been a bit of a struggle.  However, despite all, we had a really good house warming yesterday.  About 50 people came throughout the day - it was fabulous seeing so many friends, and they all seemed to like the house!


  1. Considering you have on your mind the fact that you may be facing surgery on your arm these beautiful paintings are so bright and cheerful, chock full of colour and make me think of a spring day.

  2. I so love your sketches! I must book an art lesson with you - when your arm is better. So glad the house warming was a success. Hilaryxx