Tuesday, 4 February 2014

I've just done a talk on 'Explosion of colour'......I think this page says it all!!  When I get a lot of my work together to show people, I always think I must be manic...I seem to have produced so much over the years and the trouble is, when I have completed something I usually want to hang on to it, and not sell. I suppose it's because I put so much time and love into my projects, it's a wrench to let them go.  But it does come in useful when I take workshops/demos etc. because I always have lots of samples!!  I'm doing another demo tomorrow....by the way I sold some cards!!


  1. I do love your paintings. They are so colourful - much needed when the skies are so grey( though that bit if sunshine at the weekend and today was very welcome).

  2. Lovely stuff! I will be in touch with dates for next year, so you can come and inspire the ladies of Tunbridge Wells in similar fashion!