Friday, 21 February 2014

With the lighter and slightly longer days coming....and the hint of Spring, my thoughts are turning to getting outside and doing some dyeing.  I do love to dye fabrics as well as fibres so yesterday, just to get in the mood, I had a go at knitting up some of my cotton.  I really like it and already my thoughts are racing as to what I could actually make.......I'll let you know.......


  1. Delicious, might inspire me to try knitting using my own colors. Wonderful gravestone colors, think it's all a clever different lichens design! Maybe give your arm a rest (& your mind!) & blog every few days, but still lots of fabulous pics, please! (no pressure) Can't wait til Brighton!

    Hope your grandson gets better each day ;)

  2. Glorious colour! I think you should sell a range of greetings cards from photos of your colourful work and dyed yarn and fabric. I'd sell them in my shop.x