Sunday, 25 May 2014

You're probably getting fed up with seeing flowers on my blog, but I simply can't help myself!!  Flowers are everywhere at the moment and my head is full of them!!  That was illustrated yesterday.....I spent a couple of hours listening on the radio to a big football match at Wembley.  Derby County were playing and my two sons had made the trek to London to see the game.  It was very nail biting and Derby seemed to have control of the ball most of the time. the 90th minute (would you believe) the opposition scored........!  I was so gutted I marched out in to my art shed and splashed paint for 20 minutes, and this is the result!  I wasn't even thinking about flowers - so they must be firmly embedded in my subconscious!!!

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  1. Well, they say 'art saves'! A good result in the painting if not the match ;( I'll never tire of your flower pics or the lovely work you produce - vibrant, exhilarating & totally stimulating!
    It was great to actually see your work in person at the Brighton Open House, so tactile (& to finally meet you, too!) & I'm looking forward to using your yarn in my next piece of work. Hope the paper w/s goes well.