Saturday, 16 August 2014

I felted this scarf last winter and had forgotten I'd got it.....I wonder if there's any mileage in making some more?  It is really soft and warm and a pleasure to make....I reckon I'm talking myself into it!!  Well....the tooth came out without any problem yesterday, but as usual I had unpleasant reaction to the anaesthetic and have had a rotten migraine.  Beginning to feel more human again, which is good because my eldest granddaughter arrives today and I enjoy 'girlie' time with her.  Have a good day x


  1. I certainly think there is more mileage with your scarf, it looks so warm and and colourful. Do post more pics when you have more! What size do you make these?

  2. Wow - is this the scarf which you sold at Sussex Prairie Gardens yesterday? Beautiful - you should definitely do more of these.
    Found my cardigan, yesterday, handed in at main entrance to gardens :)