Thursday, 7 August 2014

I played around with a friend's Gelliplate the other day  and this is one of my prints.  It was fantastic to do.....I so enjoyed it.  Today is my birthday....and guess what I've been given??  A Gelliplate, so I shall shortly be down to my little art hut to play!!  By the way the dyed yarn is nettle...and the roses are in out garden.....


  1. Great to see your prig using the Gelliplate - inspired to bring mine out from the cupboard now!
    Using nettle for dyeing yarn - was nettle used just for the green on the LH side?
    The colours are lovely and like the bobbly yarn.

  2. I've got a day off work today, so I might, just might, have a jelli play session.

    But I've also got some work brewing and some unfinished things to finish. Argh - what to do?