Monday, 6 July 2015

I think perhaps I should write my weekly blog on Mondays and not Sundays.....!! In other words, I forgot again yesterday....probably next week it will be moved on to Tuesday!!  Anyway, back to the blog:  I have had a really productive week.  It's certainly the knock on effect of the summer weather.  I always feel energised by the sun and of course I am making the most of being outside and dyeing - both fabric and fibre.  My spinning wheel has been going pretty constantly.  I have discovered that I can almost lie in the garden with eyes shut, and gently pedal away ... and hey presto!  Another ball of yarn! I am really pleased I am building up my stash for the winter...... must be turning into a squirrel!  I have also warped up the loom and am now on a roll weaving the second length towards The Coat.  I think I shall probably line it, so I have started to paint some silk that I found in my cupboard.  I think this should finish it off well but at this stage I've absolutely no idea whether or not I shall be able to make it!   I keep being asked if I could do some weaving workshops (I've only been doing it myself for 5 months!!!)  The trouble is, that to teach weaving it would be necessary to have another loom .....I'm thinking......This afternoon two wonderful weaving hours in the garden .......  I have finally found my true passion


  1. What a perfect description above - couldn't say it better myself!!! Lusciousness!!