Monday, 2 November 2015

I couldn't get the blogger to work last night,  but this morning   magic!!  Back to normal.  Have managed some dyeing, spinning and of course, weaving.  Over the weekend I decided to have a splurge at starting a new art journal.  My latest one is at a local stitch exhibition (as you can see in the photo).  Yesterday two ladies were looking at it, and I heard one of them say,  "you can see she was really enjoying herself!"  What a lovely comment....I nearly went over to them and said, "I certainly was"  but I decided to keep it cool, for fear of embarrassing them!!   The blue scarf is my last one before opening the Etsy shop - drum roll......and then its definitely another coat.  I have felt a bit under the weather this week, and therefore had extended weaving time.  It was wonderful!  Well the sun is shining today and its unseasonably warm.  We can almost pretend its summer,,,,yay!

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  1. Oh another of your wonderfully happy, colourful posts!! I love the rich, warm colours in your second photo down.
    Don't forget to tell us when your Etsy shop is open - I want to visit!