Sunday, 29 November 2015

I spotted this  bike in a charming little display outside a florist's shed...couldn't resist taking a photo!  As you can see, I had a rather  a mad moment and splashed water colour on to my journal pages.  No idea what it's supposed to be - but I shall add to it and see what happens.  My latest woven piece has just come off the loom.  This has a linen warp and so far it feels fine.  I shall know definitely when it has dried after being washed....I'm pleased with the reds as they certainly help to cheer up dark days.  Having said that look at the beautiful morning we had yesterday...fabulous to know that the sun is still up there!!!


  1. Love the pops of turquoise/aqua in your weaving - and for a moment I thought you had taken to riding a bike around town when I saw the first photo!

  2. So sorry not to manage to meet up last weekend. But another time I hope.

    Loving your weaving as usual.

    H xx