Sunday, 7 February 2016

I couldn't resist adding a picture of these swans.  They live in the local park and I have been watching them regularly over the last year.  They are so grown up now....I am wondering if they will soon fly away in search of their own mates.  I shall be sad to see them go!  On a cheery note - I have now started to sew the far, so good.  The sleeves are almost ready to cut out.  I have stretched my brain somewhat because I wanted the design to be vertical rather than horizontal.  I only have a 24" loom so I'm severely limited.   I have a feeling that I may eventually be talking myself into buying a 32" (I think that's as wide as the rigid heddle loom goes).  It would give me an extra 8" though - so I shall see...........Mind you, as people keep on asking me if I do workshops, I suppose I need another loom???!!!


  1. Coming along beautifully and yes I really do think you need another loom, especially if you're going to be taking classes!

  2. That coat really is quite something. People will know it's you!

    This loom width technology malarkey is a bit too much for me first thing but I guess an additional 8 inches give you more flexibility for future projects.

    And did anyone mention classes? Talking of which your painting/sketchbook technique is one I think you should share! I always love your colours.

    H xx