Saturday, 14 April 2012

It felt so good to get some creative time yesterday and, amongst other things, I tried out a slightly different method of dyeing felt.  I am really pleased with the results and to be honest I don't think the photos do them justice.  I thought I'd sell the rolls at £4.75 each.(They're approx. l metre wide x 13") What do you think?  Today I'm off to the weaving exhibition .  The sun is shining, so a good walk on the downs with the dogs first...then coffee and cream cake...then exhibition (if I've got the energy!)


  1. They look lovely - did you make the felt from scratch as well?

  2. i agree with Iz - these look stunning. I am not a 'felt' person myself - I have to have some limitations, but I can imagine some fantastic embroidery on these pieces. Perhaps once the C & G is finished (oh,and Spanish Garden 2 which is laying slightly unloved behind me) I could buy a roll from you. Where do you get the felt?