Thursday, 12 April 2012

Bad news about the I-pod.  Stupid me had cancelled the insurance standing order (thinking it was referring to an old camera).  So I now have to take the I-pod to the Apple Store to see if it can be repaired!! Maybe it's a good discipline for me because I am now going to have to use my camera - which actually takes better pictures - but takes more effort!!.  Here are some photos I took last night of some ongoing work.  Life is beginning to get back to some sort of order again - so today I plan to finish off lots of domestic stuff..and then, hopefully, I can start to be creative again.  Tomorrow I am planning to go to a tapestry weaving exhibition in West Sussex Have you ever seen the weaving of Maximo Laura?  He is a South  American weaver, and his colours are out of this world.  Take a look at his website. 


  1. Poor you with the ipod! I dread having to buy new technology, it gets so expensive and if it goes wrong you're stuck. I hope they can fix it for you. I had thought about going to the tapestry weaving exhib - may do yet. Take good photos if you can, just in case I don't make it!

  2. Those photos indicate a riot of colour.

    Where is the exhibition you are referring to?